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Celebrating what it means to be a woman

A few days ago, was International Women’s day. However, we all know that every day, is women’s day, whether you’re local or International, because as women we are members of the human species, the most beautiful, most splendid, most creative of all living beings on the planet. This is not only because of how we look, it is because we are the only species who can create things and influence our reality, through our thoughts. Everything we see in our world was created through thought. The phone or computer you are reading this from, the building you sit in, everything first begins with thought.

Our Thoughts are pure energy. It is the purest form of energy in existence, it leaves our bodies and heads out into the world and into the universe, extending, forever. Our thoughts last for ever. When we express our thoughts, that is when we speak it out or write it down, we give it added energy, we increase its vibration and therefore, it’s creative power. Every thought we ever have, ever had, or ever will have is creative. It will create something. It must, that is its purpose. Our thoughts impact every aspect of our lives, our health and wellness, our wealth and success and all our relationships. It determines who we bring into our lives and what they bring to us. What our thoughts create, depends on whether it is a thought of love or a thought of fear. Fear is the opposite of love, we have been taught that the opposite of love is hate, it is not. It is fear. Our fear not only impacts our lives, it impacts our world and creates natural and man-made disasters of epic proportions.

I wake up at 4am, the wind is howling at my window. Something is wrong. It is as if the earth is in pain. She is sick, she is trying to tell someone. No one is listening. She is vomiting, her stomach hurts, her head aches. The cells of her body are dis eased. She cannot decide whether she is freezing or whether she is burning. Her body is quaking, volcanoes are erupting around her. She is crying until her soil is drenched. She is throwing tantrums, moving things out of her way, screaming in pain. No one can hear. We pretend, we cannot see, and we continue day after day. I got out of bed. I asked, what can I do? Because I felt her pain. I felt it every twenty-eight days, and I felt it then. And she laughed at me. Do, she said, there is nothing to do. You simply need to be. Be happy, be a woman, celebrate women, celebrate life. I feel what you feel. When you are sad and afraid, I am sad and afraid. When you cry, I cry. When you are in pain, I am in pain. When you throw a tantrum, I throw a tantrum. You want to help me? Be happy. Be a woman. Celebrate women. Celebrate life.

As I sat there, 4am, 5am, 6am. Tears began to stream down my face, because I realise that I had been so busy, I had been so afraid, that I had forgotten what it meant to be a woman. This fear had been passed down for generations, centuries, eons, from the beginning of time, from the first woman. The first woman who defied the rules laid down by man, by society, by culture by religion. The rule said, “don’t eat that fruit, because the day you eat that fruit, you shall know good from evil.” And she defied it. She did not accept the status quo. She did not believe what she was told. She saw that the fruit was good, it was pleasant to the eye, so she ate. And the day she ate, her eyes were opened. She became enlightened. She realised she was a Goddess. She understood the power of her thoughts. She knew the difference between good and evil. And she saw that there was no evil, because when it all came down to it, when all the lies and illusions had been stripped away, there was only love, unconditional love, peace and joy. And so, being a woman, being honest, selfless, kind and loving, she shared with her husband. And he ate.

And his eyes too, were open, and he too, saw that good and bad existed. But he focused on the bad. He saw that he was naked, and he became afraid. He attacked the woman, he accused her, he even accused God. He said, “God, see, that woman you gave me to be my wife, she gave me this fruit.” Then he became petrified, because now, he too understood the power of thought, he understood the power that he had as a human being. Fear is an energy, and it is as contagious as any disease. So, the woman became afraid. She thought, God’s going to punish me. So, she punished herself. She left the garden, where there was no nine to five, where her meals were fruits and vegetables and fish gathered from the streams, where her days were spent in contemplation of nature, basking in the warmth of the sun and sleeping under the stars. And she began to toil, working hard, Pressing for Progress, and for three days a month she bleeds, because she knows she has forgotten what it means to be a woman, a Goddess, half of the divine whole.

This version of the woman has become the status quo, the way things are, a societal, religion and cultural rule laid down by man. We have accepted that we are inferior, and we have believed it. We are less, so we must stand behind and not besides man. And rather than changing the way we think, create a New Thought, we have sort to change the things our thoughts create. So, we form organisations to fight for equality in the work place, we form groups to stop the sexual abuse of the woman, and even though we are on the verge of being replaced by Bundara version 2.0, we resist a new idea, a different concept, a New Thought Movement.
But every condition existing in our lives and in our world is created by who and what we think we are.
I came to the United Kingdom in 2010, I always knew I would live here, I did not think it would be for this long, but I always knew. So, when the army recruited my partner, naturally, I moved here. I search google and saw the car I would buy, not a new one, I was a moderate dreamer then. I would get a job in accounts, because well, that’s what I knew. I would pay off my mortgage, buy another piece of land, etc. There was a show on TV called Army Wives, the women looked so pretty and so happy. I was sure we would start a similar club, group or organisation.

Then I came here. Every woman said, “Black women don’t get jobs here, its care work and minimum wage.” I did not believe it. But it’s never about whether you believe the thought or not, it is whether you receive it. We are constantly exchanging thoughts with each other, the thought gets lodged in your etheric body, your psyche, and as you begin to receive more thoughts of a similar nature, they attach to that thought and they begin to grow, take root and they begin to form “matter” in your life. So, I became afraid. And my fears began to create my life experiences, it began to influence the people around me and how they reacted to me.

One night I defied the thought. On a whim my husband and I sat, and we applied for a job at Lloyds, not accounts, telephone banking. I got the job. It was awesome. They made some beautiful pasta salads with shrimp in the canteen, fresh soup and hot loaves you could buy at lunch for a few pence. It was awesome. Every Friday, my husband would pick me up and we would accompany my team who had been in training with me to the pub. I was proper Irish. so I was!

Then the thoughts which had been planted began to take root, they began to form clumps and they began to matter. Because everywhere I looked, black women were doing care work and we were earning minimum wage. And so, at the end of probation, I realise I had not studied the folder the bank had given me, so a job I could do with my eyes closed, had been doing for years, calling holiday companies all over the world to collect money, I could not do. So, I went back to my comfort zone, I became part of the group, I accepted the status quo. I got a stitching job, earning minimum wage.
This fear did not limit itself to my wealth and success, it affected my health and wellness and my relationships.

So, when this woman came into my life, at first, I thought, we could be great friends. I was never one for best friends, at school I would have my click, my group, my followers. At work, I would have a close friend who I would keep in touch with. But you will hear Oprah Winfrey talk about Gail this, and Gail that, I never had a Gail. So, I thought this will be my Gail, she was funny, she dressed nice, we could discuss things and argue for hours, I could walk into her house anytime and she the same. We loved the same music and we could put on YouTube and carry our own keys for hours.
But my fears would not let me. If I knew I was afraid, I would have done something about it. But I did not know. Most of the world, and so many of us women, are blissfully unaware that we are living in fear. We think, this is the natural way, the normal way. It is the furthest thing from natural.

So, rather than being a friend, seeing the good in her, I blamed her for everything. What was not my husband’s fault, was her fault. Just as man, in the depth of fear accused the woman, made her the cause of all his problems, I made my sister, my friend, a villain. I looked around and saw all the bad I had created in my life, but I did not want to take responsibility, I needed someone to blame, I needed to be the hero, so I made her, the villain.

Then one day, I woke up. I took a bite of that fruit, I defied the status quo, I refused to follow the rules, I created New Thought, a New Thought Movement, a movement that enabled me to accept full responsibility for my life and all my experiences. A movement which holds me accountable for the experiences of my friends, my sisters, and the experience of every woman.

So today, I celebrate what it means to be a woman. And I say I am sorry, to women of every colour, every class, every creed and every nation for all the experiences we have had as women, which we have co created as a species.

To my villain, who was never a villain, but a sister and a friend. I say I am sorry.

When I said, let us form an army’s wife group and you said, “Let me see that.” Instead of hearing criticism, judgment, letting my fears get the better of me and shelving my ideas, I should have learnt that being a woman, means not always needing to be the centre of attention or the leader. That a woman can stay in the background, support her sister and still shine.

When I sat in your living room and tears filled your eyes, because you needed a bus ticket. And rather than offering the coins in my pocket, I went to the Naffi to buy junk. Even when you pointed it out and the tears streamed down your face, instead of criticising you, complaining and telling everyone who would listen, I should have learnt that being a woman means, not waiting to be asked, but offering help when it is needed. It means being there for each other during the struggles but being willing and able to celebrate each other’s success.

When you asked me if I thought the world revolved around me, instead of saying no, then desperately trying to convince myself, while trying to take over your world, wondering why can’t she see I want the best for her, I am acting in her best interest, I know that, why doesn’t she, she needs to see things my way, I am doing this for her. I should have learnt that being a woman, means your world revolves around you. But so, does your sisters, and your friends. Every woman’s world, revolves around her.
When you moved right next to me, instead of meditating for peace, and tolerance and avoiding you, I should have been over the moon. I should have welcomes you, loved you unconditionally and thank God for another chance to represent what it meant to be a woman.

When I met you at the airport and you told me your sad story, instead of listening silently, because finally, my deepest thoughts had become my reality. Because while I prayed for a loving heart and asked God to bless you, my deepest thoughts were, God if you could just make my life a little bit better than hers, if you could just bless me just a tad bit more. And Instead of continuing to listen and thinking, how could you be so stupid to get yourself in that mess, you see, you should have read my book, you should have been part of my group, you should have been my friend. I should have learnt that being a woman means showing compassion. I should have said, I am sorry, what can I do.

As we Press on for Progress, form organisations, begin movements, come together in groups, it is essential that we not forget what it means to be a woman.
Being a woman, means being fearless. It means knowing that you are the creator and director of your life, you decide who comes in to it and what experiences they bring to you.
Being a woman, is knowing that the fault you see in another woman, is a fault that exist in you. It is about supporting each other and not competing with each other. It is about being compassionate and loving, not judging and criticising.
Being a woman is about going back, rewinding the sands of time, rewriting history, creating New Thought, going back to being Goddesses, when our eyes were open, and we had knowledge of the difference between good and evil. It’s about once again, standing besides man and not behind him.
Being a woman is about knowing you are one with God and not separate from it. It’s about getting back to a life of joy, peace and harmony with nature.
It is imperative that we get back to being women. Because it is not by what we do, but by who we are, can we heal the earth. It is by healing the woman, healing her soul, then healing the rift between the man and the woman, only then, shall the earth be healed.

New Thought Movement UK


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Think Yourself Phenomenal – The System

A few years ago, I had what I call an awakening. Christians talk a lot about judgement day, a day when you get to heaven, and you are judged for the sins you’ve committed on earth. Well it was something like that, but I had not died and gone to heaven, this was not happening during sleep nor was I in meditation. It was broad day light, and I could see everything I had done in my life up till then. I saw every time I tried to succeed, every relationship I had, every illness I experienced, everything. And what I saw, was that it all led back to me. It was as if my book of life had opened and I was given an opportunity to look inside.
I saw that all my experiences had been created by me. They were influenced by me, and affected by my thoughts, my words and my actions. I could connect all the dots and see the link between my thoughts and my reality. I thought, I should write this down, but it was Saturday, I was cleaning, so I did nothing about it. As soon as I had that thought, the book closed. But the next morning, it opened again. Once again, I found my mind filled with thoughts. I put them all into a book which I called Phenomenal Women. I thought it was the best thing since slice bread.
We are all made of thought, we are just a mass of thoughts. Imagine me putting my thoughts into a book, it was a piece of me, it was magic. And it has created magic for all those who have read it. But it was jumbled up, it was not easy to understand. Therefore, I have taken my time and done a do over. I am an accountant by nature, I love order, I love to file things, and this is what I have done. I thought I was an open book back then, but this is me, laid bare, stripped of all illusions. I have shaken up my thoughts, added all my experiences, sorted them into a colour coded system. Labelled them, put them in the right section, the right draw, and come up with this system.

Think Yourself Phenomenal – The System


think yourself phenomenal the system

Think Yourself Phenomenal – The System

This book contains the best system, since Napoleon Hill’s Think and grow rich. If you have a bible accumulating dust somewhere on a shelf at home, replace it with this book. Put it in your bag, take it everywhere with you. Every situation you encounter in life, take it out and read the appropriate chapter and you will know how to deal with the situation.
If you do not have a partner, but you desire one, this system will show you how to attract one.
If you have a partner, but he is not behaving as you wish, this system will show you how to be a catalyst for change.
If your children are not living up to your expectation, this system will show you how to become a phenomenal parent and create phenomenal children.
In this system, I have not held anything back. I have not kept anything to teach you in a webinar, where I will try to upsell you a workshop or seminar, you will need to pay hundreds to attend. I have given you everything you will ever need, to change your life.
If you are not happy with your life, if you are not as thin or as fat as you desire, if your health is not where you expect it to be. This system, will tell you how to get it there. It will tell you how to use the power of your mind to heal yourself and begin to think yourself into phenomenal health and wellness.
Do you hate your job? Is your career not where you want it to be? Are your finances a mess? Are you just unable to figure out why things are the way they are? Are you struggling to change them? This system will give you the process to create lasting change, in step by step detail.

Thin-Book-3D-Template TYPMany people try to sell you their products or services by disempowering you. They try to make you believe, that they have what you need to succeed. They try to give you a story, a story that you already have. They tell you they can write your book, a book, that is already written. Simply pay them ten, maybe twenty thousand dollars, join their bandwagon, become a passenger on their bus, let them be the captain of your ship. This system is not like that. I have given you all the tools you will ever need. I do not need followers, I am creating leaders. I am sharing with you my experiences so that you can call up on your experiences, see how things work, master your thoughts, then share it with someone else, who will share it with someone else, creating the ripple effect, that is much needed in our world. This system will put you in the driver’s seat, it will make you the captain, of your own destiny. After you go through this system, you will need nothing else from me.
Of course, if I tell you about a natural healing therapy, and how it can help you, you may choose to join one of our online classes or one in the community, to learn that therapy. Or, you can join me week after week, or month after month as I teach the lessens clearly laid out in this book, online. But, I have given you everything. Everything.
I am a Thought Expert Life Coach, who will teach you how your thoughts work, how to think yourself phenomenal, begin to believe it, then see it reflected in your life, and in your world.
I saw an ad on Facebook about writing books without writing a single word, this is not one of those books.
I have written, edited, and published this book myself. I have designed the cover, interior and the Think Yourself Phenomenal System within; every aspect of this book is me. I love simple writing, that people can understand. So, this book is written simply. However, it is written to the highest standard. I remember trying to explain something to my husband during a conversation in our kitchen one night, he did not understand so I tried to break it down. He said to me “Joyce never bring your standards down to meet other people’s expectations. keep them high, people will rise to meet your expectations. So, I have not belittled you, but kept my writing to the highest standards.
We all encounter people online trying to sell us products or services, which they promise will do this or that for you. They may rent offices to make videos, while in each video, you can see the background is different. This is me, here in my own space, Kilcoly, Bangor, NI. I am here, because, this is me. I do not have to use any tricks of the trade, lies and marketing schemes to sell you this book. This book will sell itself, because of the system within. And after you purchase it, it will be the last self-help system you will ever need.
It is 9.99£ on Amazon, the lowest I could put it to cover the cost. If you’re in the Caribbean that may still seem a lot. However, my first self-help book was Jack canfields ’Principles of Success. I bought it for 23 US $, many years ago. That would have been about sixty to seventy Eastern Caribbean dollars. I read it, did the few exercises and put it on the shelf never to be opened again. This system, you will use repeatedly. You will pass it on to your children and your children’s children. It will be the best investment you ever made in yourself.
I am not here because I want to make money. I am here to teach the world about the power of thought. Of course, I wish to make money, but it is a means to the ultimate purpose of opening meditation and healing centres all over the Caribbean and the world. I have already identified the site of one in St Lucia and one in Dominica. Dominica will have the main one for the Caribbean, because it is still unspoilt. So yes, I wish to make some money. But what I give you in this book, is priceless. You cannot put a value on it. And with this system we will begin to heal our world.
We have been busy doing. Busy trying to fix the world, through the things we do, and we only make things worse. This system will show you how to focus on yourself. How to be. Because it is only by who we are, and not by what we do, shall we change our world. By changing ourselves, by thinking ourselves into phenomenal wealth and success, by thinking ourselves into phenomenal health and wellness and phenomenal relationships, shall we change our world. As we realise how phenomenal we are, live from that state of being, we impact others, who impact others, and soon, just by being phenomenal we impact our world, phenomenally.

Joyce | New Thought Movement UK.
Think Yourself Phenomenal – The System


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What we focus on we create

At some point we must stop acting like children. We must stop blaming others for our mistakes and take full responsibility. We must stop pretending that we cannot hear and that we cannot understand. It has been said over and over, and over again. By me and by hundreds of others. Even Jesus, who truly believed that people could not, and would not understand, said, “as you sew so shall you reap, by your words shall it be done unto you”. Yet we have not listened. We have not taken note. We have simply continued our path. Truly.
I should have woken up petrified, worried and maybe like everyone else on Social media on my knees, with my hands up in the air, and tears streaming down my face. I am a Dominican, after all. But I could not.
I could not be petrified of what I had created. I could not be petrified by the results of my continued thoughts and focus. Our Thoughts create our reality. What have I been thinking of over the past month, hurricane, hurricane, hurricane. I tried to blame someone else on Facebook. But I know no one is to blame, this is not a blame game. You cannot blame a person who is not thinking right, for their actions, they know no better. So, I take full responsibility. Because I read the post, I followed them, I watched the pictures and videos and sometimes I even commented. So yes, I created this, we created it, so why should we be petrified of our creations?
Greg Braden, the scientist said, “the square root of 1% of the population can determine the direction of the entire population.” Well Dominica if seventy-three thousand strong so only twenty-seven people need to believe the wrong things for us to create a category five hurricane. And boy did we believe.
One browse of social media will show how much we believed, how much we wanted it, how we almost begged and pleaded with God for it. When hurricane Irma passed, we wondered why we did not get it. We were prepared for it. We post one hundred thousand posts about it. Some of us increased our Facebook profiles with it. Some even dared God to create, claiming how can man have anything to do with hurricane. Our entire focus was on it. So, we created it. We put so much pure energy in it we made it a category five overnight.
In a room filled with men it was said “Everyman is self-made, he draws unto himself success or disaster according to his thoughts.” All the rich and successful men in the room smiled with pride and winked at each other. All the poor, unsuccessful men walked out complaining. “How can they believe we wanted to be in this situation? This is not my fault. It is theirs.”
Well, it is time to take responsibility for our thoughts, our words and our actions.
When I woke up the next morning I was shocked. Because I had not given Marie much credit, it was just a tropical storm. I quote someone on Facebook, “it just turned into a category five hurricane as it hit Dominica.” But what was more shocking was the amount of people who were suddenly concerned. Everyone who had a friend, who had a friend, who was Dominican was now waiting to hear something. But I was not worried. I was not worried about death because life is eternal, and the best place you can find yourself is in the afterlife. I feel compassion however, for those who must deal with the death of their loved ones. But I was not worried. Because worry is wasted mental energy. Worry is the act of a mind which does not know its connection to the creator. Why worry about whether the people under God’s protection will be protected. It is as if you do not believe that God’s going to do God’s work.
So those who worried began to pray. I do not pray. I give thanks. I think traditional prayer has become an insult to the creator. A bunch of us sitting at home supplicating to God for this and for that. God help them, God save them, God watch over them. God protect them from the hurricane. That is an insult to God, because it implies that God was not doing that before. And because God exist to fulfil your deepest thoughts we inadvertently, with the help of God off course, create situations such as a category five hurricane from which we need help, from which we need to be saved and from which we need protection.jjjj
God cannot uncreate itself, that is change itself from a hurricane into something else. To do that God would have to not be. And there is only one thing impossible for God, that is, for God not to be. So, to change what has been created by the lot of us, a new thing must be created. A new energy of an opposing nature must be released with equal or stronger intensity to dismantle what was previously created. There is no other way.
After the prayers we then began to complain. Why was CNN covering Puerto Rico and not Dominica? Why did the BBC just skim over it? Why the republic, AKA commonwealth of Dominica was called Dominica Republic? When was the aid coming? What was the Government doing or not doing?
But this is not a time for complaining. America is inundated with its own troubles, its own disasters, its own attempts to control its social unrest, its own desires to still, in its weaken position, police the world. America cannot help us now. Neither can the UK. It too has its own territories to deal with. And it has to hold something in reserve based on the way we are creating with impunity. So, it’s up to you Caribbean. Just as the Sierra Leone president declined aid and said we can handle this, it is time for the Caribbean to do the same. It is time to show the world what we are made of. Rather than expect God to drop manner down from heaven and rebuild the roofs, it is time for every contractor, every able body, every concerned citizen to spare some time, take time off to go help rebuild your sister island’s roof. Do what you think God would do, do what you expect God to do. And what you call on God for, do it. We have grown up now. God has given us the tools, it is time to put it to effective use. Give your time, give food, clothing and whatever is possible. What you give to another, you give to yourself ten times. That is the law. We cannot continue to expect big countries to continue saving us from our mistakes, neither can God. God cannot do for us what we will not do for ourselves. It is time to stop focusing on others to do what we are capable of.
This is an opportunity. I am in the UK working on getting this message out, so that we can stop the onslaught on ourselves and on our planet. But I know the heart of the Caribbean, and I know as a people we will rise to the occasion. We will show that we are together, because together we are stronger. We may be divided by water, but we are united in thought. While separation breeds indifference and a false sense of superiority. Unity is strength and power. And when we are together, the power that we possess is unsurpassable.

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This is not for the weak hearted

This is not for the weak hearted, not for the simple minded. It is not for those who believe we are separate from God. It is not for those who choose to build their fortunes, their brands and their popularity on the death of our people and the destruction of our planet. This is not for those who are sleep walking through life. It is not for those who choose to go down with the sinking ship, as long as we all go down. It is not for the many, this is for the few. This is for the few who believe in the power of the human being. It is for the few who believe in the power of words and the power of thoughts. This is for the new agers, the light workers, the warriors of light. This is for you.
When a child is young, it runs to the parent at the first sign of distress, and the parent makes it better. The parent makes the monsters go away, heals the hurt, soothes the pain and sends the child out to play again. As the child grows into an adult, it no longer runs to the parent, if it does, the parent reminds the child of all it has learnt, then says “Take care of this, I know you can. This is the opportunity you have longed for to prove you are no longer a child.”
And so, we as a race of people, a human race, find ourselves at this moment in time. We have grown up. We are awake. We are becoming aware of ourselves as more than what we thought we were.
Now is the time to accept that we are no longer children and begin to live like adults do. It is time to accept our divinity and oneness with God and demonstrate that.
It is not time to fall on our knees and pray to a man in the sky or someone or something outside of ourselves to solve the problems we have created. It is not time to run and hide, to cry or to beg God to save us from the consequences of our thoughts.hurricane-irma-noaa-goes-satellite-infrared-rbtop-sept-5-2017

It is time for you to do it. It is time to demonstrate all that you have learnt and all that you have remembered. It is time to be the phenomenal being you are. The phenomenal being, who can calm the ocean with a few simple words, the phenomenal being, who can stop the wind by saying “Quiet, be still”, the phenomenal being, who can become one with the storm and change its direction, the phenomenal being, who can drive away the dark clouds just by being happy, the phenomenal being who can soothe the earth such that it no longer quakes. The phenomenal being who knows that the barrels of water will not turn themselves into wine. This is the time humanity has waited for. It is the time we have prepared for.

This is not the time to talk about which lives matter, when all lives matter. It is not the time to talk about race when in reality, we are one human race. It is not the time to blame, to criticise, to judge or to point the finger. It is time to take responsibility for our part in creating this opportunity. It is time to take responsibility for our world.
No longer can we think, speak and act from a place of fear, an energy which breeds separation creating indifference to the plight of each other. Fear, an energy which gives us a false sense of superiority hence making others inferior. Fear, an energy which makes us right and makes all others wrong. Fear, an energy which has now become the prevailing consciousness on the planet and is the source of all the destruction, we are bringing upon ourselves.
The only way to stop living in fear is to begin to live in love. Love is the most powerful energy on the planet and it is through love we will save our planet and demonstrate our readiness to move into adulthood, to move into a new dimension, to move into a new earth.
Joyce | New Thought Movement UK.
New Thought Movement UK


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I AM Creed of NTM

We must come to realize who we really are, through the power given to us, in whatever way we choose. I choose to be; unconditionally loving, a blessing to all, knowledgeable in all things, grateful in every moment, joyful and totally accepting of all. Whatever you place after I AM, is a statement of your chosen state of being. Your state of being is reflected in your life and in your world. What do you choose? Select from the New Thought Movement UK’s I AM creed.

New Creed

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Thought is pure energy


Thought is pure energy. It is the purest form of energy in the universe. Every thought we ever had, have, or ever will have, will create something. The energy of our thoughts never ever dies. It comes to us from the pool of17342500_1599124513435197_8103041286024482643_n consciousness of which we are part of, then returns to that pool to join similar thoughts. When enough of these similar thoughts have joined, they form clumps. Enough of these clumps of similar thoughts creates matter, they will remain matter for a long time. Thoughts that are opposing or of a dissimilar energy will disrupt the formation of these clumps. Sufficient opposing thought can, and will, dismember the matter releasing the raw energy, thought, from which it was formed.
Nothing has ever been created, or ever will, without there first, being a thought.


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Is Anything to hard for God?

 GENESIS 11:6 “And the lord said, behold the people are one and they have one language and now this they begin to do and now nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined doing.”
16th March 2017
Behold we, the people of the world are one, and we have one language, thought. Imagination. And this we begin to do, imagine the coastal country of Somalia having a new experience. An experience where the seas are filled with a multitude of fish of sizes never seen before. The land is moist with abundant rainfall, and food begins to grow. Our people no longer seek to receive, but to give off their abundance. All the surrounding African Nations coming together, to provide immediate temporary relief, as things begin to turn around. And the people wake up to their magnificence as creators of their own experiences. It was done for the Israelites, it will be done for the Somalians. A new Canaan, a new land flowing with all good things. Everything we imagine will come


  • Joyce Louison – warrior of light 
  • New Thought Movement UK