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We are all one…

The human body is magnificent in all aspects. A single cell of the body is fertilised by one of a trillion sperm cells and becomes a baby, filled with consciousness, knowing every detail of life, necessary for its survival. It grows into a person, now with trilliocellsns of cells in its own body and capable of doing everything that the mother can do. It would be madness for the trillion cells in the body to fight each other, to kill each other, or to think that “I in the hand, is better than you, in the foot.” It is also certain destruction if all the other cells begin to condemn the hand and saying, “cut it off! look, it has thrown a hammer on the foot.” What utter Chaos!

No, the body does not do any of this. It is perfect in symmetry. It knows that disease cells must be shed and will be replaced by new copies, it knows that stress and anger and fear will kill the body. It also knows that every cell is important, intricate in detail and contains the DNA of the whole body.

Yet even though all our songs, movies, advertisements, and books tell us that we are one, we are the world, we do not believe. The bible which most of us  quote from, when it’s suits us, says it clearly.

“The kingdom of heaven is within you”

“In him was life and life, was the light of men”

“The kingdom of God is like a mustard seed which a man took, and cast into his garden and it grew, and waxed into a great tree, and the fowls in the air lodged in the branches of it.”

We do not believe this. What we do, and say, and think about another, we do and say and think about the whole.

We have come up with this theory. I have spoken in darkness, in the closet of my mind, no one knows my true thoughts. I will smile and put on a good face. It is my business and no one else.

But there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed, nether hidden, that shall not be known. Do you think there was anything created, least of all you, without a purpose and a plan thought of and approved by God?

As a sick cell in the body will poison next, and the next, until the whole body is sick, so every thought you have will poison your body, and those around you, until the whole world is sick.

Would it not be better to realize we are all one? 7.04 billion cells making up the one body, not to add the trillion other aspects of that body. Realize that, and end all wars,  end poverty, starvation, superiority, inferiority, and fear.  For there is nothing to fear, but fear itself.

How can you hurt yourself? That is madness. Total Insanity.

Joyce Louison
New Thought Movement UK



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Stop treating the symtoms and cure the disease.

We, as an aspect of the human race, seem forever doomed to be at somebody’s mercy. If it is not our white brothers, it is society, if not society, it is drugs, if not drugs, it is the government or the police. (we can always come up with something).

It is apparent that we chose the same response every time. We do this in our individual lives and we do it collectively as a community and as a people.

Obviously. the situation cannot change, neither can things ever get better until we are willing, not to treat the symptoms, but to cure the disease.

who can forget the case of Trayvon Martin, killed February 26th, 2012, and the many others named by Mrs. Sybrina Fulton in her open letter to the Brown family. This leading up to today’s case with the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri. Yet we react the same way, we seem incapable of creating a solution for lasting improvement. A Black unarmed youth is killed, we protest, someone or no one gets arrested, a few people get shot and injured in protest, we put on our matching boots away, and wait patiently, for the next occasion to take it out again.

Police fire tear gas in the direction of where bottles were thrown from crowds gathered near the QuikTrip.

Apparently, no one ask, why is this happening? What is the real cause? Instead we call on the police, the government and the church. We talk to the media, we create more fear in the community and sit back puffed up that we have done our part.

But what is the real poison brewing at the depth of the situation. It is fear. Every action taken by a human being is taken as a result of fear, or love. It does not matter who the killer is. That’s just mathematics, and it change, all the time. But the problem remains the same.

We as a people, because of lack of love for ourselves and for each other create and attract the fear full acts to ourselves.

Remove fear from the community, increase the love, allow black men and women (because women are the mothers of tomorrow) to know and realize how important they are in the creation process. Allow them to realize that they have the same opportunities as everyone else to rise from whatever limiting situation they find themselves born into.

The human race, is like the human body. Every one of the trillion cells is important, has a specific function, to keep the whole, functioning effectively. Just like the world, every man, black, white, Indian, Asian, everyone has a part to play and a contribution to make. Teach that to the youth and you will see that a man with a purpose, a plan, a goal, a dream, a reason for living, will not attract death unto himself.

It is time to look within for the solution. Are you at peace with yourself? Are you teaching and preaching love, or hate?

Change your mind about the way you perceive things and the things you perceive will change. The great Martin Luther King Jr, said this about riots and protest, “the limitation of riots , moral question aside, is that they cannot win, and their participants know it. Hence rioting is not revolutionary, but reactionary, because it invites defeat.”

There are no observers in the world. If you are not seeking peace, you are creating war. If you are not speaking love, you are speaking fear, and fear, will only create more fear. More fear means, more death to innocent humans.

Joyce Louison
New Thought Movement UK

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As a man thinketh so He and all he beholds become….

08th August 2014

Dear Max Igan,

Let me just thank you from my soul for the efforts you have made to bring enlightenment to the world. It was only In July 2014, that I first listened to your film “The Awakening”. I thought it was brilliant. I have decided to use it as one of my points of reference in my teachings. I do truly see you coming out of the Gaza unscathed. I have gone to your website and made a small donation in support of your work.

Firstly, Max I truly understand why you felt the need to go to the Gaza. However, it may be prudent to realize that you can help someone much better by sending them a rope than by getting in the mud with them. In fact, you may be able to save an entire nation from outside the conflict, than any good you can do from inside.

As I type this, I am reminded of the senior Foreign Office minister Baroness Warsi, who resigned over the inaction of the British Government on the situation in Gaza. It makes no plausible sense to give up your voice, your power, your influence, and therefore your soul, to join the wretched. You are no help to them then.

book cover with kindle

Also, I recently wrote a book (Phenomenal Women) after listening to Neale Donald Walch’s “Conversations with God,” and having conceptualized and experienced the power of thought. I did not express all what I have experienced in the book and I know that I have only just seen the surface. Not even scratched it yet. The jest of it is that, WHAT YOU THINK, and in your case, WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THE WORLD is what you will experience. That is what will plague you until you completely get lost in it and cannot see a way out.

When I first encountered the conspiracy theories, I was sceptical, but I asked the creator for clarification and it all opened up. Yes, we may be the subjects (and I cannot say victims because no one in the world is a victim) of a conspiracy. However, the complete absorption and total concentration on the conspirators, the denouncement of the system, the continued replay of the “wrong acts,” only serves the interest of those conspiring against the masses and not what I think you may be trying to do. You are feeding it with the energy of your thoughts and feelings and that of your audience.

I watched a few films and listened to some of your radio shows. However, on the third one I felt completely drained. It was impossible to continue. I felt like there was no hope for humanity.


There really is hope. As humans our first instinct is unconditional love. However, if we become totally consumed with criticism, denouncing, demonizing, and fighting the system fist for fist, we will lose. I quote you when I say, “you cannot fight for peace.” By doing this, you seeking to cure the symptoms, and not the disease.

Speaking for forty-nine minutes of an hour program to tell us about the Fluoride in the water and toothpaste, the corrupt money system, the corrupt policies of politicians, the biological and psychological weapons from lineage going back to as far back as Babylonian times, then in the last ten minutes telling us not to be afraid, is defeating the purpose. I quote from “Conversations with God,” In your moment of encirclement by that whish you are not, do not forget who you are.”
If this is only a created reality, only a vibration, then what we may need to do is to increase our positive, loving vibrations. This is the only way to uncreate the mess we have made. When I say we, I mean you and me and everyone else. Unless we stop blaming, passing the buck and pointing fingers, we will not take responsibility. And if we do not take responsibility we cannot effect change. If we say we are one, then let it not just be a figure of speech, but a belief, and a way of life. We are one and there is not another.

I love you. I love your work. You are brilliant. But if a man cannot review, take stock, and adjust the course, in light of the impending disaster, then all pass accomplishment is wasted.
No man is worse or better than another, no man has God’s ear or love more than another. We should always thank those who have decided to do what we consider “wrong,” because it is by this measure, we can choose to do what we consider “right.”

Think that there can be peace. Think that all men and women can know their true self. Think that people will get the message. Think that love will prevail and the Universe will bend to your will. You will then begin to see a new world hidden beneath the one you now see.
Thanks for reading.

Joyce Louison
Author – Phenomenal Women.

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Who’s responsible for creating Peace?

24 Days ago, the longest war in the Gaza began. 59,000 reservist were mobilized to fight this war.

The Government of Israel Boldly comes on National TV and make statements such as, “we will not stop until the mission is complete. We are attacking tunnels and will destroy every one of them.”

What is the mission really? And who really is Hamas?

One of the fighter pilots being interviewed by sky news claims, “we are supplying them with medical aids, while at the same time bombing a densely populated area of Gaza and bombing hospitals filled with children.” 425,000 or 1/4 of the Palestine population have been displaced.

US Senator Ray Blunt, instead of denouncing the situation, claims, “we must make it clear to the world what this relationship with Israel means to us.”

Really what does it mean? Does it mean that you would give up the whole world but not lose Israel?

The US gazais making happy faces, supplying weapons to Israel to kill innocent human beings, while you and I go about our merry lives. Or is it really merry?

Sky news literally dares the world to do something; they saying,

1. “The outside world, seems powerless to do anything about this…”

2. “A divided world, however appalled, by the suffering lacks the will to stop it…”

Well sky news you are wrong. We the citizens of the world are phenomenal, we know who we are, and we know we are One, One body, One creator, One people, One world, One universe, One consciousness and One mind. We may not all be awake, but some of us, are.

I site Gregg Braden, in “controlling the metrics.” It takes the square root of one percent of the world population to think the same thing, to create a new reality on earth. This calculation results in 8,472 persons thinking PEACE, LOVE and ONENESS for this new reality, to be created.

I will be the first. I declare my unconditional love for all humanity! I declare that we are moving into a new era of peace! I declare that we are all, collectively, responsible for creating the Gaza situation, and therefore we are responsible for uncreating it. I declare that all people are important and that there is enough to go around.

If the men are unconsciously destroying the planet, the onus is on us phenomenal women, to do something. To wake up and make changes. To stop waiting for the battle of Armageddon. It is already here. it is time to use the most powerful weapon available to humans. THE MIND.


Joyce Louison
New Thought Movement UK