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"It is time for change and change begins with you"

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Many of us have been raised in religion, any one of the vast numbers of them. They all have a book or various books from which we are instructed. And all that is good, if only we were given the instructions in the manner intended.
Jesus said, “This is who I am, and you are just like me. This is what I can do, and you can do this to, and more.”
But we do not believe, what we do is we worship and idolize, and use the scriptures theoretically. We do not apply it in our lives. This is why we see the prophecies coming true, we are in the middle of Armageddon and we keep looking for it over yonder and calling on God to save us.
God will do nothing for you, that you will not do for yourselves!

365 times in the Bible the words have been spoken, by every prophet, every saint, Jesus, Bu365fearnotddha, Krishna, Mohamed, all of them. FEAR NOT! Yet all we do, is live in fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of death, fear of life, fear of people’s opinion of us, fear of our own true feelings, fear of God, fear of our own power as human beings, fear of the world and fear of concurring evil.

Fear Not! There is no judgment day! Every day is Judgment day and only you can judge yourself. God cannot, and will not Judge you, for you are part of god and God cannot and will not Judge itself! Why then, judge another?
Fear not! There is no life after death, because there is no death! There is only life and life, continues into infinity. How it continues is up to you. What you create here, for the afterlife, will follow you into the life, after this life. There is no death!
Luke 12:4 KJV, “And I say unto you my friends, be not afraid of them that can kill the body, and after that there is no more that they can do.”

Fear not! Light will always prevail over darkness, for light is a purer energy. Its vibration is higher. And you will know that, when you step into light and begin to feel yourself alive, for the first time. When you begin to sit and simply feel your vibrations and the effect, you have on the world, and feel the absolute joy of it. Light is purer than darkness.
Fear Not! Fear not evil, nor darkness, nor sickness, nor poverty, nor loneliness, nor the perpetrators of such. For what you fear persist, and your fear will draw it to you like a magnet, creating effects that will move into eternity.

FEAR NOT EBOLA! It is a biological weapon created to destroy a percentage of the world’s population and to magnify fear. It has not worked! And it will not! If you are afraid, what you do, is give energy to the disease making it deadlier. In Africa 3700 people have died over a six-month period. This did not create enough fear, so, the powers who have interest in the sensationalizing of this virus have decided to bring it to the developed world where it is sure to create mass panic.


Matthew 10:26 KJV, “fear them not therefore, for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed, and there is nothing hidden, that shall not be known.”
Fear Not! Fear not the power that is hidden, within each and every part of the creator. As one, you are powerful beyond measure, as a whole, we create planets and universes and we also destroy them if we allow fear to possess us. FEAR NOT!

Fear Not! Instead love. love is the presence of every emotion including fear. Every human action is derived from thought which is conceived either in fear or love. There is no one destroying the world, but us. Every thought of fear contributes to the energy grid, or tilts the polarity towards fear. This will create world effects. It must. and this creates matter. Your desire is to save the world, to stop the wars, to eliminate diseases, such as Ebola and to put an end to poverty and starvation?

STOP BEING AFRAID! START LOVING! It is as simple as that.

If the world is in the mess, it is in a mess because of you and me. I am ready, I have been for a while, to love everyone, especially me. What are you ready for?


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The United Nation Of Africa

Once upon a time, there was a country named Africa. It was the home of kings and queens, sculptures, great palaces, wild animals, indigenous plants and more natural wealth than anywhere else in the world. It was wealth created by the creator of the Universe. Diamond, gold, oil and all manner of natural resources. The people were happy, spiritual, they believed in a higher power, they loved each other, respected each other and communicated with the spirits of the earth. They danced, sang, hunted and spent time creating family and being happy.

Then Fear came upon us, suddenly, as did Pitch Black in rise of the guardians!

Fear came from a book which described our creator as a God that was angry, vengeful, dissatisfied, hateful and separate. Suddenly we were separate from each other and so afraid. Our fear brought us to our knees. Our fear became so strong and so potent it created matter. It created matter in the form of another people, another race. It made us sell our brothers, our sisters, and even our children to calm our fears. But it did not help, for what you run from, persist.

We separated from each other and created countries with borders and armies to keep ourselves separate, but separation only feeds fear.

We brought all manner of diseases upon ourselves, we brought poverty, starvation, we even resorted to killing each other, as every other person represented an out portraying of our fear.

We gave away our wealth, then our pride. Now we give away even our identity as a people, as a race, as a nation…

BUT IT IS ALL CHANGING! AND CHANGE BEGINS NOW! It begins with you. It is written in the stars and in our DNA. Change is happening.

Once again, I site Gregg Braden, in “controlling the metrics.” It takes the square root of one percent of the country’s population with the same consciousness to create change in Africa. This applies to every country and every situation.  This calculation results in 3333 persons with the belief that Africa will be a nation, more formidable, than it has ever been, for this reality to be created.



There will be no more biological weapons brought upon our people through our fears. We will know that we can heal ourselves. We will not worry about lost wealth, we will know that the lost diamonds will be recreated by positive vibrational energy. We will get in touch, once again, with spirit, Our spirit, our soul, our higher PHENOMENAL self.

But to do this we need love. We need love to dismantle and uncreate the fear which has been festering for centuries. We need love for the creator of the universe. We need love for ourselves, and love for each other.


Walk tall, keep you head high, have faith, believe, think that we can, and we will. Let us stop judging, stop hating, stop criticising, stop competing with each other. For what you do to another you do to yourself. And what you do for yourselves you do for another and for the entire world. Let us start loving. And we will recreate heaven on earth beginning with the United Nation of Africa.

It is in your best interest, mine, the world’s and the universe’s!

Light worker – Joyce

In love with Humanity.