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IS the Head Line News Real Fake or RUETERS?

IS the News Real, Fake, or Reuters ?

I watched the news recently and was momentarily despaired by the following, among others;

1. It appeared that Prime Minister David Cameron was on a campaign to further divide the United Kingdom.

2. While the world was distracted by the Charlie Hebdo fiasco, the shock, was that, in west Africa the Boko Haram (an organization forbidding western education, and which has obviously, now been branded a terrorist group) development, had not made the news for more than one minute, when more than eighty people had already been killed.

3. Forty-five churches had been touched in Niger, allegedly in response to the Charlie Hebdo protest.

So, I ask again, how much of the news is news, how much is sensationalism, how much is fake and how much is REUTERS?

I would like to say, “the war is on!” But the war, has always been on. The war is between man and himself / woman and herself. Sow what side are you on? For you have always been on one side, or another. But the real question is what side do you want to be on?

  • I am on the winning side.manifesto
  • I am in the side of love.
  • I am on the Mahatma Gandhi’s  non-violent side.
  • I am on Jesus’s “turn the other check side.”
  • I am on Martin Luther king’s and Mandela’s side.
  • I am on God’s side, for God is love.
  • I am on my side, your side, I am on every human being’s side.

What side are you on?

Nigeria is one of Africa’s riches nations, where enlightenment has arrived and where people are now realizing the power of the human mind. How better to break a chain than to destroy its greatest link?  For the hundred and twenty-eight (128) girls

that no one fought for, we must pay. Because for every action, or non-action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. But the price does not have to be exorbitant, if we decide to fight this time. Not with weapons of warfare, as advocated by the president of Ghana, but by Gandhi’s proven ,successful, non-violent method.

“Non-Violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.” Mahatma Gandhi


The news reiterated ” many of those seized in the attacks were women and children”. How long will we stand back and see our children killed and our future destroyed?.

Africa wake up!, the time has always been at hand. It is just more prevalent now that we as women take up the mantle, put on the robe of illumination. It is time to be phenomenal. It is time to turn back the tide. The world was created by God for the pleasure of humans and it is time women take the reins or we will all go over the cliff of destruction.

Ghana’s President John Mahama suggested a multinational force to be sent to fight Nigerian rebels calling themselves boko Haram. Really Mr President? Really? How many more of our people, your people, the world’s people, must be killed, before we take back our power.


While all of this is taking place right here at home our very own prime minister Mr David Cameron was busy getting letters sent out to all the muslin community inducing their cooperation in the war on terror. Basically, inciting fear and division amongst the people. The prime minister states “we are faced with a severe threat, because we believe an attack is highly likely. We have struggled with Islamic terrorism now for well over fifteen years. We know what it takes to win.”  Win what? There is no winner in war. There are only losers. Death is not a victory, life is, if you live it. The president went on as far as to state, on National TV, that anyone who had a problem with the letter, has a problem.

Well Mr. Prime Minister, I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE LETTER!……

The United Kingdom, you seem to forget, belongs to everyone. It belongs to those people who were born here and those who have immigrated to this country. It belongs to Christians, Muslims, Jew, Hindus, Atheist and every other religious affiliation. The act of singling out one group, as appose to another, is a divisive act, strategically designed to create fear and mistrust.


The residents and citizens of this country will not allow fear and mistrust to divide or separate us. We have been there before, and we are turning the tide. And if men are not willing to stand for love, we, as women of this world, we will stand. As women we refuse to believe, that the so-called terrorist acts, are being committed by Muslims, or by any persons, of any particular faith. And therefore, we refuse to continue to apologies for something, we are not responsible for.  The acts are being committed by the powers that be, those who have the most to benefit from it. They are being committed by human beings. And fighting terror with terror has proven itself to be very effective, in breading more terror. We will love we will love ourselves and our brothers and our sisters. We will love our countries for it is only by loving, can hate, anger and fear be concurred.

Home secretary and M.P, Theresa May, was also quoted as saying “Many Jewish people are feeling vulnerable and fearful. The Jews fear for their families and for themselves and that they have their own security, who patrol the streets along side the police.” Really? Some how I don’t believe that. But if that is so, I call upon Jews, to feel no fear. For the thing that you fear the most, will overtake you and become your reality. Rather love your neighbours as you love your self. Anti-Semitism is not written on any one face or tattooed on their foreheads. You are like every other person a citizen of this land who pays taxes to be “protected” by the police. Let not your heart be troubled by those who can kill the body, for after that what else can they do? death is only a transition, not an end.

Love is the only answer. I love you all.

New Thought movement UK Ltd.

Joyce – Author Phenomenal Women


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“I Am Charlie!”

So the whole world is in crisis! Security heightened, police presence every where, at airports, in towns, at the lovely Eiffel tower in Paris, every where else.Yes they think they have won, they talk about further increasing security and increasing the monitoring of our internet communications.

How did we get here? When did we get here? And how do we get out of this?

Easy, we wake up!

Wake up and smell the roses, smell the coffee, smell something. Smell the crap that is being feed to us. Implying that Al Qaeda has all of a certain risen up in France, after so much money and lives was spent destroying countries such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, and the millions of lives brought back in body bags not to mention nations wiped out.  On the seventh of January 2015, Al Qaeda is so powerful in France, one of the most beautiful and peaceful and inclusive countries in the world.

The world leaders and the media are now talking about further monitoring of our online communication, increasing security all over the world. As if it is not already illegal to smile in the streets now.

They created this!

Those who exercise control over the masses, those who seek ways to ensure we remain asleep, those who seek at every turn to ensure that fear is instilled in the populations they wish to control.

Police officers arrest a demonstrator after the protest march in downtown ParisMass protest: Hundreds of thousands of French workers staged a nationwide strike because of rising fears of unemployment

Well what can we do? We can not be afraid. We can reclaim our power as human beings. we can say ” show me the evidence” someone famous must have said.

We are awake now and no one will be allowed to put a wool over our eyes. We are not asleep.

Muslims did not do this. Al Qaeda did not do this. But we, all of us as humanity,  take responsibility for it because we are one. We are one race, the human race. Until we believe that, until and live that, we will never stop the killing each other, never stop blaming each other, never stop talking about terror and never stop feeling fear.

But you will not Terrorize France!

We will not look at our brothers and sisters who dress differently, worship differently, sound differently, with suspicion. We will not hate each other. We will not forsake them. We will love the terrorist, we will love the Al Qaeda , we will love the media, we will love the world leaders we will love Charlie Hebdo, we will love each other and most of all we will love our selves. Because it is what we do. We as humans love, we love each other until we heal each other. We love each other until we reap from them the love we sow

You the Authorities who have perpetrated this crime on us the citizens of the world, you will not succeed, you will fail in your world domination agenda, because we who are awake and know better will wake up the masses. We are stronger than you think. We are Gods and Goddesses, and so are you, but because you chose to do evil our love will prevail.

We are love, we are humanity, and there is nothing else.

You who created 911.

You who brought back racism in America.

You who destroyed the middle east.

You who brought back Ebola in Africa.

You who created the financial crisis of 2008

You who have peritrated crimes on humanity too numerous to me

You will not prevail! France will remain at peace and the rest of the world will follow!

Good always concurs evil

And love is all there is. And there is nothing else.

We will wake up and take back our power.

We are the human race…

New Thought Movement UK              
It is time for change and change begins with you.