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You Shall Move Mountains If You Believe!

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The popular Science Journal, recently quoted Scientist with evidence that the mountains of the Himalayas moved five (5) feet after the Nepal’s Earthquake on 25th April 2015. Still we have no faith, and do not believe in the power that we possess.

napal1In Matthew 17:20, Jesus told his disciple, “because of your unbelief you could not do it. Because if you had faith like a mustard seed you would say to this mountain remove yourself and it would move, and nothing would be impossible for you.” But we do not believe. We take all this mealy as theoretical rhetoric. We say it has no basis in fact. We see it happen and we put it down to coincidence and accident and label it a natural disaster. Disasters are not natural, unless you consider cause and effect natural. And there are no accidents, and no co incidences and no fate. Everything which happens in your life and in the world, is created by human beings. By our thoughts, and our words and our actions.

But we all act as if we are not part of the problem, we feel sorry for the victims, we throw a bit of money at the problem, we give in to the world consciousness of fear, as if being Charlie was not enough, we wait for the next piece of news that will distract us. Meanwhile the “powers that be” laugh all the way to increased wealth and power, while making comments about how much more the world should be doing to help Nepal.

Well we did enough! As a matter of fact, I think we did too much! We did so much that they have begun to feel the aftershocks with another major quake on the 12th of May 2015, resulting in more deaths and injuries. Days after the first earth quake I could not walk anywhere without seeing someone collecting money for “Nepal,” or some activity happening in the name of Nepal. All social media, every network, everyone was on the new band wagon.

When will we realize that these things are just ploys to keep us poor, helpless, and powerless?Buddhist prayer flags and mount Everest
If we desire to really help Nepal, or other countries which face disasters we should start by having a shift in consciousness. Stop letting the Armies, Air Forces and Navies waste away and use them as the tools of disaster relief rather than what they are being used for now. Stand by for a war that will never happen, and sources of mental power, paid for, exercised and controlled. After any disaster there should be in place a fix one off tax that takes place immediately to collect funds to put in a disaster relief fund. Therefore, there will always be funds available so that the second something goes wrong everyone knows the drill. Get packed, ship out, save lives, rebuild, and return. Otherwise we continue to do the same things over and over pretending we can’t see that they are not working. Seriously, how much money do we need to collect for cancer before we have enough to eradicate the disease? And how much money must be given to feed the poor in Africa before the realize that we are making the problem worst? And how much money should we collect for Nepal before we realize that we are only treating the symptoms of a problem that will get worse if we do not cure the disease, of a world consciousness of fear

We need to be so careful of what we are thinking as we do the things we do. We must never play into the hands of the “powers that be” to begin, once again to spread fear amongst ourselves. And we need most importantly to take control of our Christ consciousness given to every human being, and begin to use it ourselves and not allow it to be used by another. For some reason we have been led to think and believe that if we do nothing, then we are doing nothing.
But as long as we are not living life in a totally loving and accepting manner, not judging any man but seeing God in every person we meet, then we are contributing to the world consciousness of fear, and Nepal is an example of what fear creates.


Nepal is a beautiful country with magnificent people. It boarders the Great Himalayas and is home to many of the world’s greatest Guru masters and teachers. Millions travel to the Himalayas for spiritual guidance and to get closer to God. It is the home of Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world where millions go to concur their fears and get to know themselves. It boarders Tibet, where the great Scientist Gregg Braden has discovered the evidence of thousands of monks in daily prayer to keeping the world scales from tilting into fear and evidence of thousands of scrolls, with secret knowledge hidden from the world. It boarders India the home of many of the present day spiritual leaders and lastly it boarders two of the most populated countries in the world.
Is it still a “Natural Disaster”? Or is it the unavoidable results From All Thoughts Everywhere called FATE. There are no accidents, no co incidences and no Fate. Everything is created, and the only creator on earth you, human!

Joyce Author (Phenomenal Women)
New Thought Movement UK


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