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untitled It is refreshing to see the Caribbean community leaders finally coming together on an issue. However the issue chosen leaves mush to be desired.The Heads of Government may believe, and sincerely so, that they have the upper hand and will follow the footsteps of the Mau Mau case gaining an apology for their people and maybe a few dollars to go with it, but the further damage that will be done to the Caribbean will take years to repair.

The Pan-African Reparations Coalition in a letter to the heads of government of the Caribbean countries was adamant, that a top down approach should not be taken and that there should dialogue with the citizens of the Caribbean on this matter. As usual the politicians and government have done as governments do and seek to further empower themselves while disempowering the people.

In the address by the Chairman of CARICOM Reparations Commission to the British House of Commons we appear to be begging the British Government to recolonize the Caribbean. I Quote Professor Sir Hilary Beckles when he said, “This Parliament has to return to the scene of its crimes, and participate as a legitimate parliament, as a legal parliament, in the healing and rehabilitation of the Caribbean. We cannot, and should not, be asked to do this by ourselves. We have done our part. This Parliament must now return, and do its part, within the context of reparatory justice, and within the framework of development cooperation.”

I may have been wrong, but I remember the entire Caribbean people fighting for independence from being a British colony. As a matter of fact, my country St. Lucia was seven times British and seven times French. After we have decided that we have failed, do we call in the Calvary who we claimed destroyed us?

The address also pointed out the many “woes” of the Caribbean. He pointed out that Jamaica was left with 80% illiteracy when slavery was abolished in 1962. Well it would be hard to become literate in cotton and sugar fields. Fortunately, Jamaica is on its way to 100% literacy in 2015 among all its other great achievement in this century.

It was a shock to read that beautiful Barbados, for all my life known as “BIM the Gem of the Caribbean” is now called “the amputation capitol of the world” due to the diabetes and hypertension epidemic which has spread all over the Caribbean. The truth of the matter is that these diseases are caused by lack of exercise, poor diet and abuse of alcohol, not by being a descendent of slavery. In addition, every disease, every single disease is first created in the mind and then it manifests in the body. It would be better to heal the minds of the Caribbean people than to enslave it by dredging up past history and uncovering old wounds in the hope of making an extra buck. It would also be wise to be aware of the power of words and not call catastrophe to a people or a nation.

Instead of asking for an apology from the British and other European Governments, we should apologise to ourselves and to our people for allowing ourselves to be enslaved. We should apologise for the part that we played in the slave trade. Countries such as Ghana and Senegal and many west African nations have acknowledged the supressed history that we are as much to blame for the slave trade as any European. European did not start the slave trade in Africa, they took advantage of it and just like our ancestors and enriched themselves.  We should apologise that after the abolition of slavery so many years ago most of us are still mentally enslaved. We should apologise that the only thing that is able to bring us together is to have a common enemy. News flash, we are our own worst enemy, and until we can acknowledge this, no matter how many apologies and repatriation funds we receive we will still be enslaved.

Slavery is not a physical thing it is a mental thing and it is plague the black race all over the world even today. It is propagated upon us by ourselves. We hate our skin colour and seek to change it no matter the health risk. We hate our hair and seek to replace it irrespective of the cost. We are racist to those of a lighter skin and those of a darker skin not to speak of all the jealousy, hatred and criticism we express to anyone who thinks and acts differently from us. Then we cry racism in all corners of the universe. We do unto ourselves what we would have other do unto us. If you don’t love yourself how can you expect another to love you?

We may believe the illusion that this is a feather on our hats, but it is all part of a systematic effort to discredit the Black race and make us feel inferior. It all links hand in hand with the systematic destruction of African countries through biological and psychological weapons, the racial tension now resurfacing in America, and the terrorism claims all over the world.

But “FEAR IS NOT A FACTOR FOR US“.  The foundations are being laid and the ground work is being done. Africa is waking up and will be a united nation. The people of the Caribbean are waking from their slumber, the reading and listening, their are realising that unless we come together as a people, all people, we will be destroyed separately. We are remembering that we are decedents of kings and queens, that without slavery there would be no Caribbean to be governed. We are remembering that slavery happened, but the important thing is what happens in light of that. We are remembering that we are all one, and that for there to be a master, there must be a slave. Bless our fore parents for choosing on this occasion not to be the master, for the master suffers as much if not more than the slave. We are remembering that until we face the truth about a situation and take responsibility we disempower ourselves to do anything about it. We are remembering that we are all pieces of God and that there is nothing else.

written by Joyce Louison

Author Phenomenal Women



Author: New Thought Movement UK

I am Joyce. I was born in the Caribbean Island of Dominica with its unique three hundred and sixty five rivers and grew up in St. Lucia, listed by Oprah Winfrey as a must visit before you die. I moved to Northern Ireland in 2010. By 2013 my life was a disaster on all levels, financially, emotionally and career wise. I found myself working in a factory making peanuts and constantly feeling like I had let myself down, like I could do better, but I was not. My marriage was in shambles, the honey moon was long over. My husband had found his long desired parent hood outside of the marriage. We were six feet in debt. The gambling and alcoholic hobbies were now serious business. I was a mess. So I decided to fix my husband. I did not speak to him for twenty-one days. At the end of twenty-one days I realise that you cannot fix people, and, the only person that really needed to be fixed was me. I apologised to my husband, but during that period, I was fixed. I had found the internet, YouTube, Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday, Soul to soul and Iyana Vanzant’s fix my life. I had cried more than I had never cried before. I had found myself. And my life began to change. On Saturday the 8th or March 2014, after taking my daughter to a school activity, I suddenly had the feeling that “this is it”. I was done raising my daughter. She was on her way and nothing would prevent her from achieving her goals. All I had to do now was taxi her too and throw, provide her spending money and enjoy the ride. This simple thought changed my life. Before that day, I never had money to give my daughter, even when I got paid I either had no change or something would come up. From that day I always had money to give her. When I got home that day, it was as if my book of life had opened up. And I was not being judged, but I was being given an opportunity to review my life. Though we are always thinking, every second of every minute of every day, only a handful of our thought determines the course of our lives. And I saw every thought that had brought me to exactly where I was in life. I saw the thoughts that had brought me failure and success in life. I saw that my first attempt at a juice business had failed because I thought I needed my friends to support my ideas and dreams. I saw that my real estate business had failed because I had listened to a stranger’s definition of me and had given in to my need for security over passion. I saw that my restaurant had failed because I did not want to be “told” what to do and thought taking advice was me losing control and independence. And I saw the exact day and time where this intense need to be independent and self sufficient was created. It was the day I visited my dad for the first time after fifteen years and he insisted on giving me money to pay for glass of breadfruit or plantain punch a young man had made for me. I had decided then and there that I would never depend on a man and I would always be able to take care of myself. That thought had from then plagued every relationship I had had with the opposite sex leading to the eventual destruction of my marriage. I saw the deep seated thought of me blaming my mother for years of neglect, for my lack of success had been wasted energy and I saw that she was not to blame and that there was a reason and a purpose behind my solitary upbringing. I saw the exact day when I was eight years old and I created the thought “I do not have a toothache” in the midst of severe pain resulted in me not having a toothache since then, even thought I was the prime candidate for it. I saw the thought of me wishing for my husband to have the baby he so longed for resulting in exactly that. I saw everything. I saw my life. And I saw that there was no God punishing me or rewarding me, but I was creating it all. Through my thoughts I was choosing the life and times I was experiencing and I saw that everyone else was doing the exact same thing. We were all unconsciously having thoughts that were creating the lives that we were experiencing. So I decided to change my thoughts, and my life changed. On that day the book would not close, the record would not stop playing. I felt an intense truth; I could be a writer, a poet, or anything I could imagine. Thought “I need paper”, but it was Saturday and I had to clean the house. As soon as I had that thought the book closed, the record stopped playing. I felt bereaved, empty as if a great gift had been taken away. I woke up the next morning and for the first time in my life I could not see past my window. The fog was as dense as a blanket. Then it started again. The record started to play, the book opened up and this time I decided I would write. I used my phone and sent messages to every woman in my WhatsApp contact list. Every time an inspiration began to play in my head, a scenario, a memory that could heal some one or heal me, I sent it out. Once I sent it out, it stopped. And so after three months I realise I had written and published my first book I called Phenomenal Women. I had become phenomenal. I had become a writer. And I recognised that all women are created phenomenal. Our thoughts not only create our lives, it creates the world around us. It influenced the people we attract to us, our parents, our partners, our children, our friends, our foes. Everyone we brought into our lives came in answer to our deepest thoughts about our selves. I release that my husband came into my life because of my deep thoughts of taking care of myself. I realised that a staunch rival had come into my life because of my deep seated thought that people were talking about me and she fulfilled that thought to perfection. I realised that my thoughts of fear had created diseases and that by changing my thoughts I was able to heal myself. I found out how deeply connected we were to the whole universe. How through meditation we could completely clear up the sky and create intricate cloud patterns. I realise how connected we were to plants, water, and every living thing on the planet. I realise that thoughts traversed the universe at the speed of light and can create amazing co incidences and synchronicity. I realise that nothing was independent of itself, but all was connected and one thing influenced the other and all things could be changed through changing of thought. I realise that this knowledge could change the lives of millions and change the world we are experiencing into the world we all dream off. A world that was free of diseases, where people realised that all illnesses were self created and could be healed simple by changing the mind; a world where we could completely eliminate hunger and poverty through compassion, sharing, and taking responsibility for each other; a world where war was a thing of the past, because we all recognised that peace was an internal thing, and true power was not power over other put power from within and that what we did to another we did to the self because we are all one. A world where words such as racism, sectarianism, islamophobia, homophobia, were all thing of the past, because we recognised that the right to be, was a birth right, ingrained in the human psyche. A world in which we knew with gut level certainty that God was personal thing, an internal thing, unique to each and every human being, and it was that thing that connected us to each other and to every thing in the whole universe; a world in which we knew that we were eternal. It was not an illusion, not an imagination, but a real possibility. It became my life purpose, my reason for existing. It became a movement. A new Thought Movement; a movement towards a world of joy, peace, and love; a movement towards a world where we take full responsibility for our lives and we use the power of our minds to change our world for the better; a movement towards change. Because: “It is time for change, and change begins with you!”

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