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"It is time for change and change begins with you"

Thank you…

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Thanks to the 717 remarkably beautiful souls who moved into a new dimension, leaving behind this dense earthly body and accepting a newer ethereal body. Thank you.

Thank you for recognising that there was no conceivable way that you could further evolve using this body, in this old energy. Thank you.

Thank you for recognising that the greatest gift that you can give to the world, is to sometimes sacrifice who you are, for who, and what, you can become. Thank you.

soul leaving the bobyMy heart goes out to you and to those still caught up in this old energy.

The energy of fear and not love

The energy that pushes us to continually try to make God into our own image. “A God that condemns and judges”.

The energy that condemns our brothers and sisters, and therefore our selves, to hell fire and damnation

The energy that refuses to see ourselves for what we are, pieces of a puzzle coming together, for the purpose of evolution.

For it is never a sacrifice when a soul changes form, but a glorious opportunity for the recreation of self.

Joyce Louison ( Author Phenomenal Women )


Author: New Thought Movement UK

I was born in the nature island Dominica and grew up in beautiful St. Lucia. After moving to Northern Ireland in 2010, I discovered the Power of Thought and its unequal ability to heal lives and to heal the world. It is my belief that this is the most crucial time in the history of our planet. And control and direction of our thought is the only and best tool available to us prevent us from self-destructing. I founded The New Thought Movement UK in 2014 to raise the level of consciousness on the planet by teaching the Power of Thought. This is my purpose, my soul’s purpose…

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