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The day my book of life opened

My name is Joyce. IMG_1512628843116I was born in the Caribbean Island of Dominica, known as the nature Island, with its unique three hundred and sixty-five rivers. I grew up in St. Lucia, said by Oprah Winfrey to be a must visit before you die. I moved to Northern Ireland in 2010. By 2013, my life was a disaster on all levels, financially, emotionally and career wise. I found myself working in a factory, making peanuts, constantly feeling as if, I had let myself down, I could do better, but I was not. My marriage was in shambles, the honeymoon was long over. My husband had found his long-desired parenthood outside of marriage. We were six feet in debt. The gambling and alcoholic hobbies were now serious business. I was a mess. So, I decided, to fix my husband. I did not speak to him for twenty-one days. At the end of twenty-one days I realise, you cannot fix people, and, the only person that really needed to be fixed, was me. I apologised to my husband, but during that period, I was fixed. I had found the internet and YouTube. On YouTube was Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday, Soul to soul and Iyana Vanzant’s fix my life. I had cried more than I had ever cried before. I had found myself. And my life began to change.
On Saturday the 8th of March 2014, after taking my daughter to a school activity, I suddenly had the feeling that “this is it”. I was done raising my daughter. She was on her way and nothing would prevent her from achieving her goals. All I had to do now was taxi her too and throw, provide her spending money and enjoy the ride. This simple thought changed my life. Before that day, I never had money to give my daughter, even when I got paid, I either had no change, or something would come up. From that day I always had money to give her.
When I got home that day, it was as if my book of life had opened. And I was not being judged, but I was being given an opportunity to review my life. Though we are always thinking, every second of every minute of every day, only a handful of our thoughts, determines the course of our lives. And I saw every thought that had brought me to exactly where I was in life.
I saw the thoughts that had brought me failure and success in life. I saw that my first attempt at a juice business had failed, because I thought I needed my friends to support my ideas and dreams. I saw that my real estate business had failed, because I had listened to a stranger’s definition of me, and had given in to my need for security, over pursuit of passion. I saw that my restaurant had failed, because I did not want to be “told” what to do, and thought taking advice was me losing control and independence.
And I saw the exact day and time where this intense need to be independent and self-sufficient was created. It was the day I visited my dad for the first time after fifteen years, he insisted on giving me money to pay for a glass of breadfruit or plantain punch, a young man had made for me. I had decided then and there that I would never depend on a man, but I would always be able to take care of myself. That thought, plagued every relationship I had with the opposite sex, leading to the eventual destruction of my marriage.
I saw the deep-seated thought of me blaming my mother for years of neglect, for my lack of success had been wasted energy. I saw that she was not to be blamed, that there was a reason and a purpose, behind my solitary upbringing.
I saw the exact day when I was eight years old and I created the thought “I do not have a toothache” in the midst of severe pain, had resulted in me not having a toothache since then, even though I was the prime candidate for it.
I saw the thought of me wishing for my husband to have the baby he so longed for, resulted in exactly that.
I saw everything. I saw my life. And I saw that there was no God punishing me, or rewarding me, but I was creating it all. Through my thoughts I was choosing the life and times I was experiencing, and I saw that everyone else was doing the exact same thing. We were all unconsciously having thoughts, which was creating the lives that we were experiencing.
So, I decided to change my thoughts, and my life changed.
On that day the book would not close, the record would not stop playing. I felt an intense truth, I could be a writer, a poet, or anything I could imagine. I thought, “I need paper,” but it was Saturday and I had to clean the house. As soon as I had that thought the book closed, the record stopped playing. I felt bereaved, empty as if a great gift had been taken away.
I woke up the next morning and for the first time in my life I could not see past my window. The fog was as dense as a blanket. Then it started again. The record started to play, the book opened, this time, I decided I would write. I used my phone and sent messages to every woman in my WhatsApp contact list. Every time an inspiration began to play in my head, a scenario, a memory that could heal someone or heal me, I sent it out. Once I sent it out, it stopped. And so, after three months I realise I had written and published my first book, I called it Phenomenal Women. I had become phenomenal. I had become a writer. And I recognised that all women are created phenomenally.
Our thoughts not only create our lives, it creates the world around us. It influenced the people we attracted to us, our parents, our partners, our children, our friends, our foes. Everyone we brought into our lives, came in answer to our deepest thoughts about ourselves.
I realised that my husband came into my life because of my deep thoughts of taking care of myself. I realised that a staunch rival had come into my life because of my deep-seated thought that people were talking about me, she fulfilled that thought to perfection. I realised that my thoughts of fear had created diseases and that by changing my thoughts I was able to heal myself.
I found out how deeply connected we were to the whole universe. How through meditation we could completely clear up the sky and create intricate cloud patterns. I realised how connected we were to plants, water, and every living thing on the planet. I realised that thoughts traversed the universe at the speed of light and can create amazing co incidences and synchronicity. I realise that nothing was independent of itself, but all was connected, and one thing influenced the other and all things could be changed through changing of thought. I realise that this knowledge could change the lives of millions and change the world we are experiencing, into the world we all dreamed of.
A world that was free of diseases, where people realised that all illnesses, were self-created, that illnesses could be healed simply by changing the mind. A world where we could eliminate hunger and poverty through compassion, sharing, and taking responsibility for each other. A world where war was a thing of the past, because we all recognised that peace, was an internal thing, and true power was not power over others, but power from within. A world where we knew with utter certainty, that what we did to another, we did to our self. Because, we are all one. A world where words such as racism, sectarianism, islamophobia, homophobia, were all things of the past, because we recognised that the right to be, was a birth right, ingrained in the human psyche. A world in which we knew, with gut level certainty, that God, was a personal thing, an internal thing, unique to each human being, and it was that thing, that connected us to each other and to everything in the whole universe. A world in which we knew that we were eternal.
It was not an illusion, not an imagination, but a real possibility. It became my life’s purpose, my reason for existing. It became a movement. A new Thought Movement. A movement towards a world of joy, peace, and love. A movement towards a world where we take full responsibility for our lives, using the power of our minds to change our world for the better. A movement towards change.

Because: “It is time for change, and change begins with you!”

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Life of the Masters: Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna

Path towards Mastery
Life of the masters path-towads-mastery

I grew up as a Christian, I went to church twice on Sundays and once during the week. I sung in the choir, I taught Sunday school service and the works. But I always had the feeling that heaven was not my forte, I did not much like milk and honey, it was too sweet, and I did not fancy walking on streets of gold, I imagined that would not be very comfortable on a sunny day and I loved the sun. I found it however, very interesting to think of the mix of people who would be present in heaven. Everyone thought they were heaven bound and the other person was not. I simply assumed that everyone would be very surprised in the afterlife.

When I became more aware I tried to refrain from using the word “God,” because of how pervasive it had become, however habit kept bringing me back. When I referred to and thought of Jesus, it was usually with an apology at how we had misunderstood and misinterpreted his message.

So, I decided to have a look at the life of four great spiritual leaders or as they were called masters, looking briefly at their lives and the part that meditation played in bringing them to full realisation. I also looked to see who they claimed to be, in effect their I AM’s, the acts or miracles they performed while on earth and their beliefs about humanity or the people around them.

Join me on this exciting journey called Path Toward Mastery beginning with this simple look at the life of the masters where you will begin to remember and refresh your knowledge. You may even create a New Thought. You will have the opportunity to have your questions answered and to air you views on the lives of these great masters.

You can like my page (New Thought Movement UK) on Facebook, as I stream live right here on 11th February at 3pm GMT.

Jesus was born awake or enlightened. That means he was fully aware of his connection to divinity, God, he remembered who he was from the time his soul occupied his body. This is unlike what most of us do, which is, come into this world forgetting the essence of who and what we are. When Jesus was a boy he exhibited vast knowledge for his age. When Jesus turned thirty-three, he went into the wilderness to meditate, to come into full remembrance of all that he knew, to fully move into a state of being and to remember his soul’s purpose. He spent forty days and forty nights in meditation. During that time, he had to bring his body under subjection and strengthen it to withstand severe conditions, he had to destroy his ego, and he had to decide fully that his path was not one of wealth accumulation, but a spiritual path.

To achieve his goals in the wilderness, he did not resist, but simply and clearly, turned away from the temptation to feed his body, by turning stone into bread. He did so, by saying to his cells that they can live on the universal energy and not only the energy that was contained in bread and water. By that act his flesh was put under subjection. He was conscious that he could produce tremendous wealth if he desired, but in the wilderness, he made a conscious decision that his life would be more than the accumulation of wealth, but more about the fulfilment of purpose. He refused to give up his power in favour of quick wealth. He destroyed his ego, by refusing to perform miracles as a public display, even though he knew he could perform them. When Jesus came out of the wilderness his purpose was crystallised.

His purpose was to show humanity, the world, the works which could be performed by man, using the universal power, which flowed within every one of us.

The works he chose for his demonstration, included healing the sick, raising the dead, turning water into wine and walking on water. His show stopper was, leaving his body in full view of the public and returning to his body three days later.

Most of Jesus’s teachings were aimed at telling both his disciples and the world, that all the acts he could perform, they could perform them also. However, most could not get it, did not understand, or did not believe him. They did so mainly because, Jesus himself thought that they could not understand him, and went so far, as to state on many occasions, “They may hear, but not perceive.” This meant that even though people heard, they would not understand, even though they saw, they could not believe.

He also demonstrated his belief in the ignorance and lack of understanding of the masses, by using mainly parables in his teaching. A parable, is a fictitious story or analogy, used to illustrate a moral attitude or religious principle.

When Jesus thoughts became his reality, that is, when he was neither believed nor understood, he then put himself forward, in his I AM’s, indicating that if the people could not believe in themselves, if they could not find in themselves the universal power, he was willing to act as a go between. He therefore put this across as, “I am the way,” “I am the bread of life,” “I am the door for the sheep,” “I am the good Sheppard,” “I am the son of God,” “I am the vine,” and “I am in the father.”

Jesus’s life purpose was to demonstrate the heights that can be achieved by man, using the universal power of the creator, present in all of us. This he achieved masterfully.
His thoughts that man could not comprehend what he was saying, perfectly created his reality, a reality we continue to exist in, even unto this day.

Gautama Buddha
Buddha was born approximately five hundred and sixty-seven years before Christ. As many masters do, he was born fully awake, enlightened and with self-knowledge, but he quickly moved into forgetfulness as most of us do. It was said that when the Buddha was born he took two steps to the north and proclaimed, “this is my last birth, there will be no more births for me.” As Buddha moved into maturity he soon got the feeling that something was not right, that he had forgotten himself and had fallen asleep. He began trying to awaken himself. He tried self-denial. He denied himself food, almost to the point of starvation. He denied himself clothing, such that he walked around naked. He denied himself shelter by leaving his home and remaining out in the open for years. He gave up on these methods when they yielded little success on his path to enlightenment.
He then sought to learn diverse types of meditation from various holy men. This also did not hasten his enlightenment. Finally, he decided to seek within, to undertake the journey to the self. He dared the universal power to deny him, as he meditated under a tree, called the Peepal tree, for forty days and forty nights. At the end of his Journey he took on the persona of the awaken one, because he believed that he had finally, achieved his goal of awakening. He then decided that his soul’s purpose was to aid others on this similar path to awakening.

All Buddha’s teachings concentrated on teaching people how to live a life that would hasten their enlightenment. He never proclaimed divinity, and believe that all of humanity could with self-discipline and meditation become enlightened, just as he was. He abhorred the performance of miracles and rarely performed them. It was said that most of the Buddha’s miracles were performed on a metaphysical realm, although he is known to have done a few earthly miracles, such as stilling a raging elephant with his little finger, parting the flood waters so he could walk on dry land and clearing up a dirty well to produce clean drinking water.

Buddha’s soul purpose was achieved and lives on through the Buddhist traditions of meditation, mastery of self and undertaking the journey towards enlightenment.

Mohammad Albin Abdullah was born in Mecca Saudi Arabia approximately six hundred and ten years after the death of Christ. He lived briefly with his mother until she passed away, when he was six years old. He was then raised by his uncle and grandfather in Mecca, near the Kaaba, which contained three hundred and sixty-five statues, of the many deities worshiped by the people of Mecca. He lived a relatively normal, uneventful life, though a few people prophesied of future greatness for him. He became a caravan trader and was known for his fairness and honesty. At age twenty-five he married a wealthy forty-year-old business woman name Khadijah. In his adulthood, Mohammed adopted the practice of retreating to a cave for several days during the ninth month of the year for solitude, prayer and refreshing. When Mohammed was forty years old, he went on one of his retreats for prayer, solitude and refreshing. During that time, he heard a voice which proclaimed to be the Angel Gabriel. Mohammed was so frightened, that he run out of the cave thinking he was delusional. His wife convinced him he was not, so he continued to return to the cave to receive messages from the voice of Angel Gabriel. At some point the messages stopped, leaving Mohamed feeling that he may have offended heaven and the Angel. However, he received a final message, he would receive something even better than what he had received before and that he had to preach the messages, he had received. He was sceptical, he was unsure that he fully understood the message and he had doubts that he was worthy to be listened to.

Mohammed recalled the messages he had received, from memory, as he was not able to read, or write. He recited them and had them written down by a scribe. He then began to spread his message to the people. To get more people to listen to his words he began to chant his messages as poetry, marking the beginning of the Quran, and the way it is recited.
Muhammed’s main purpose, which reverberated throughout his teachings, was that there was only one God, whose name was Allah, and that all people should worship that one God, whose name was Allah. Mohammed began to gather followers in Mecca, but face the opposition of the established rulers, who sort to take his life. He Fled with his family and followers, to a nearby city call Yathrib, a name later changed to Medina. This flight was called the hegira, it marks the start of the Muslim calendar, whereupon a new verse was added to the Quran. “Those who believe and made the hegira, those who gave their homes and helped, these are the protectors of one another”.

This marked a turning point in Muhammed’s life. He was then appointed to lead the city of Medina. His focus and teachings concentrated on reassuring his followers that they were the chosen ones and that they would be rewarded either on earth, or in the afterlife for following him and adopting the new faith. All those who did not adopt the belief that there was only one God, whose name was Allah, would be punished, either on earth or in the afterlife. Mohamed became a great war strategist, he spent most of his life as a prophet in battle against those who did not follow him. He won many battles, which were justified by adding new chapters to the Quran, in which Allah was said to have given permission to fight, because the unbelievers were wrong, so this justified armed conflict. Although many of the teachings in the Quran closely resembled teachings in the bible, then referred to as the Torah, and Muhammed himself usually sited Moses, Jesus and Abraham as predecessors, his purpose of making Allah the one God, meant that he had to move away from Judaism and Christianity. He accomplished this by having his followers in Medina turn towards Mecca instead of towards Jerusalem for prayer. Muhammed final and most profound act was the battle of Quraysh, during which, Muhammed returned to his home town of Mecca. The leaders of Mecca rather than fighting proclaimed that he, Mohammed, was speaking the truth. Muhammed then proceeded to destroy the three hundred and sixty-five Statues of deities, in the Kaaba, in Mecca. Even after this significant victory, Muhammed still had to use armed conflict in other to continue his purpose, of ensuring that Allah was known as the one true God.

Muhammed never claimed any divinity, but lived his life as a man, taking eleven wives after his first wife died. He then reduced the number of wives a Muslim man could have to four. He had many children. Muhammed said that he was a prophet and a disciple of God. There was very little reported of any miracles performed by Mohammed, save the feats performed during war.

After his death, he became well known as the prophet, and the Muslim religion began to spread around Asia and Africa. Many Muslims continue to work toward the fulfilment of Muhammad’s purpose, spreading the message that Allah, is the name of the one true God.

Hare Krishna
Krishna was born about 3228 years before Christ. He was the reincarnation of the supreme being Vishnu, who was the second of the three main Hindu deities. Krishna’s soul purpose or Vishnu’s main reason for taking up a body, namely Krishna’s was to fulfil the promise to kill Krishna’s uncle karmsa. This was foretold at Krishna’s mothers wedding, “the eighth son of Karmsa’s sister will bring death upon karmsa.” In other to prevent the act from happening, Karmsa put his sister and her husband and his father the king, in prison and made a point to kill six of his sister’s sons as the prediction was that the eighth son would be the one to kill him. When Krishna was born however, he was exchanged for another baby and was not killed. Krishna then went to live with foster parents Nanda and Yasoda in Gokula. Krishna lived his entire life in the state of enlightenment. He was born as an avatar, one who is fully conscious of his divinity. He did not meditate, or had need to seek God. He lived as the embodiment of God. He performed many miracles which were reported more as fables and everyday occurrences in Krishna’s life. These included turning a basket of fruit offered to him by a vendor, into a basket of precious jewels for her, taming a serpent and defeating many demons. Krishna was not averse to taking life, as was apparent in his conversation with Arjuna, in the Bhargava Gita. This was because he knew and clearly stated, “death is simply a transition, and everyone reincarnates.” After fulfilling his purpose of killing karmsa, he aided many people into the afterlife, to hasten them being reborn into better karma, closer to enlightenment, having learned from the past life.

Krishna could take up any form at will and show himself in his Godly state to onlookers. Krishna never sort to preach, teach or spread any message, but spent most of his time in the enjoyment of life. He was a playful fun-loving God. He enjoyed dancing, singing, and playing musical instruments. He was often depicted doing such. He had eight principle wives and many children by them. He believed marriage to be a union of the souls. He also married Sixteen thousand one hundred maidens who had been abducted. This restored their names and enabled them to live respectable lives. After the battle between the Pandavas and the Kauravas in which Krishna assisted both sides, a curse was put on Krishna’s clan by the father of the losing side, Gandhari, who had lost one hundred sons in the battle. Krishna realising that his clan had become haughty and arrogant, agreed to the curse by simply saying, “so be it.” The curse stated that within thirty-six years Krishna’s entire lineage would die out. As it was said so it was done. Within thirty-six years all the members of Krishna’s lineage either died in battle, killed each other or left their bodies through yoga. Krishna himself died after he was shot in the foot by a hunter with an arrow. He was quick to reassure the hunter that he himself is the creator and decider of all events, so this was meant to happen. Krishna always took full responsibility for all acts which took place in the world.

Krishna and in effect Vishnu’s purpose was achieved. He founded no religion, but his way of life and belief has been adapted into the Hindu faith. It has a huge concentration on reciting mantras and practicing yoga. This is to remind the mind and body of its oneness with the divinity of the soul.