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I AM Creed of NTM

We must come to realize who we really are through the power given to us in whatever way we chose. I chose to be; unconditionally loving, a blessing to all, knowledgeable in all things, grateful in every moment, joyful and totally accepting of all. Whatever you place after I AM is a statement of your chosen state of being. Your state of being is reflected in your life and in your world. What way do you chose? Select from the New Thought Movement UK’s I AM creed.

New Creed


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Thought is pure energy

Thought is pure energy. It is the purest form of energy in the universe. Every thought we ever had, have, or ever will have, will create something. The energy of our thoughts never ever dies. It comes to us from the pool of consciousness of which we are part and returns to that pool to join similar thoughts. When enough of these similar thoughts have joined, they form clumps, enough of these clumps of similar thought creates matter. And they remain matter for long time. Thoughts that are opposing or dissimilar disrupts the formation of these clumps. Sufficient opposing thought can and will dismember the matter releasing the raw energy, thought, from which it was formed.
Nothing has ever been created or ever will, without there first being a thought.
Joyce |

Pure energy, Thought leaving and entering the mind.


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Is Anything to hard for God?

” And the lord said, behold the people are one and they have one language and now this they begin to do and now nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do.”

16th March 2017.
Behold we, the people of the word are one and we have one language thought

or imagination and this we begin to do – imagine the Coastal country of Somalia having a new experience. And Experience where its seas are filled with multitude of fishes of sizes never ever seen before, the land is moist with abundant rainfall, and food begins to grow, our people no longer seek to receive but to give off their abundance. All the surrounding African Nations coming together to provide immediate temporary relief as things begin to turn around. And the people wake up to their magnificence as creators of their own experiences. It was done for the Israelites, it will be done for the Somalians. A new Canaan, a new land flowing with all good things. Everything we imagine will come to pass. Is anything too hard for God? Is anything impossible for man?