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Thought is pure energy

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Thought is pure energy. It is the purest form of energy in the universe. Every thought we ever had, have, or ever will have, will create something. The energy of our thoughts never ever dies. It comes to us from the pool of17342500_1599124513435197_8103041286024482643_n consciousness of which we are part of, then returns to that pool to join similar thoughts. When enough of these similar thoughts have joined, they form clumps. Enough of these clumps of similar thoughts creates matter, they will remain matter for a long time. Thoughts that are opposing or of a dissimilar energy will disrupt the formation of these clumps. Sufficient opposing thought can, and will, dismember the matter releasing the raw energy, thought, from which it was formed.
Nothing has ever been created, or ever will, without there first, being a thought.



Author: New Thought Movement UK

I was born in the nature island Dominica and grew up in beautiful St. Lucia. After moving to Northern Ireland in 2010, I discovered the Power of Thought and its unequal ability to heal lives and to heal the world. It is my belief that this is the most crucial time in the history of our planet. And control and direction of our thought is the only and best tool available to us prevent us from self-destructing. I founded The New Thought Movement UK in 2014 to raise the level of consciousness on the planet by teaching the Power of Thought. This is my purpose, my soul’s purpose…

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