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What we focus on we create

At some point in time we must stop acting like children. We must stop blaming others for our mistakes and take full responsibility. We must stop pretending that we cannot hear and that we cannot understand. It has been said over and over and over again. By me and by hundreds of others. Even by Jesus who truly believed that people could not and would not understand, said “as you sew so shall you reap and by you words shall it be done unto you”. Yet we have not listened. We have not taken note. We have simply continued on our path. Truly.
I should have woken up petrified, worried and maybe like everyone else on Social media on my knees with my hands up in the air and tears streaming down my face. I am a Dominican, after all. But I could not.
I could not be petrified of what I had created. I could not be petrified by the results of my continued Thoughts and focus. Our Thoughts create our reality. What have I been thinking of over the past month, hurricane, hurricane, hurricane. I tried to blame someone else on Facebook. But I know no one is to blame, this is not a blame game. You cannot blame a person who is not thinking right, for their actions, they know no better. So I take full responsibility. Because I read the post, I followed them, I watched the pictures and videos and sometimes I even commented. So yes, I created this, we created it, so why should we be petrified of our creations?
Greg Braden, the scientist, said, “the square root of 1% of the population can determine the direction of the entire population”. Well Dominica if 73k strong so only 27 people need to believe the wrong things for us to create a category five hurricane. And boy did we believed.
One browse of social media will show how much we believed, how much we wanted it, how we almost begged and pleaded with God for it. when hurricane Irma passed, we wondered why we did not get it. We were prepared for it. We post 100 thousand post about it. Some of us increased our Facebook profiles with it. Some even dared God to create, claiming how can man have anything to do with hurricane. Our entire focus was on it. So we created it. We put so much pure energy in it we made it a category five over night.
In a room filled with men it was said “Everyman is self made, he draws to himself success or disaster according to his thoughts” All the rich and successful men in the room smiled with pride and winked at each other. All the poor, unsuccessful men walked out complaining. “How can they believe we wanted to be in this situation? This is no my fault. It is theirs.”
Well, it is time to take responsibility for our thoughts, our words and our actions.
When I woke up the next morning I was shocked. Because I had not given Marie much credit it was just a tropical storm. I quote someone on FB “ it just turned into a category five over hurricane as it hit Dominica” But what was more shocking was the amount of people who were suddenly concerned. Everyone who had a friend who had a friend who was Dominican was now waiting to hear something. But I was not worried. I was not worried about death because life is eternal and the best place you can find yourself is in the afterlife. I feel compassion however for those who must deal with the death of their loves ones. But I was not worried. Because worry is wasted mental energy. Worry is the act of a mind which does not know its connection to the creator. Why worry about whether the people under God’s protection will be protected. It is as if you do not believe that God’s going to do God’s work.
So those who worried began to pray. I do not pray. I give thanks. I think traditional prayer has become an insult to the creator. A bunch of us sitting at home supplicating to God for this and for that. God help them, God save them, God watch over them. God protect them from the hurricane. That is an insult to God, because it implies that God was not doing that before. And because God exist to fulfil your deepest thoughts we inadvertently with the help of God off course create situations such as category five hurricane from which we need help, from which we need to be saved and from which we need protection.
God cannot uncreated itself, that is change itself from a hurricane into something else. To do that God would have to not be. And there is only one thing impossible for God, that is, for God not to be. So to change what has been created by the lot of us, a new thing must be created. A new energy of an opposing nature must be released with equal or stronger intensity so as to dismantle what was previously created. There us no other way.
jjjjAfter the prayers we then began to complain. Why was CNN covering Puerto Rico and not Dominica. Why the BBC just skimmed over it. Why the republic AKA commonwealth of Dominica was called Dominica Republic. When was the aid coming. What the Government was and was not doing.
But this is not a time for complaining. America is inundated with its own troubles, its own disasters, its own attempt to control its social unrest, its own desires to still, in its weaken position, police the world. America cannot help us now. Neither can the UK. It to has its own territories to deal with. And it has to hold something in reserve based on the way we creating with impunity. So its up to you Caribbean. Just as the Sierra Leone president declined aid and said we can handle this, it is time for the Caribbean to do the same. It is time to show the world what we are made of. Rather than expect God to drop manner down from heaven and rebuild the roofs itself, it is time for every contractor, every able body, every concerned citizen to spare some time, take time off to go help rebuild your sister island’s roof. Do what you think God would do, do what you expect God to do. And what you call on God for, do it. We have grown up now. God has given us the tools, it is time to put it to good use. Give your time, give food, clothing and whatever is possible. What you give to another, you give to yourself ten times. That is the law. We cannot continue to expect big countries to continue saving us from our mistakes neither can God. God cannot do for us what we will not do for ourselves. t is time to stop focusing on others to do what we are capable of.
This is an opportunity. I am in the UK working on getting this message out so we stop the onslaught on our selves and on our planet. But I know the heart of the Caribbean, and I know as a people we will rise to the occasion. We will show that we are together, because together we are stronger. We may be divided by water, but we are united in thought. While separation breads indifference and a false sense if superiority. Unity is strength and power. And when we are together, the power that we whiled is Unsurpassable.


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This is not for the weak hearted

This is not for the weak hearted, not for the simple minded. It is not for those who believe we are separate God. It is not for those who chose to build their fortunes, their brands and their popularity on the death of our people and the destruction of our planet. This is not for those who are sleep walking through life. It is not for those who chose to go down with the sinking ship, as long as we all go down. It is not for the many, this is for the few. This is for the few who believe in the power of the human being. It is for the few who believe in the power of words and the power of thoughts. This is for the new agers, the light workers, the warriors of light. This is for you.
When a child is young it runs to the parent at the first sign if distress and the parent makes it better. The parent makes the monsters go away, heals the hurt, soothes the pain and send the child out to play again. As the child grows into an adult, it no longer runs to the parent and if it does, the parent reminds the child of all it has learnt and says “Take care of this, I know you can. This is the opportunity you have longed for to prove you are no longer a child.”
And so, we as a race of people, a human race, find ourselves at this moment in time. We have grown up. We are awake. We are becoming aware of ourselves as more than what we thought we were.
Now is the time to accept that we are no longer children and begin to live like adults do. It is time to accept our divinity and oneness with God and demonstrate that.
It is not time to fall on our knees and pray to a man in the sky or someone or something outside of ourselves to solve the problems we have created. It is not time to run and hide, to cry or to beg God to save us from the consequences of our thoughts.

It is time for you to do it. It is time to demonstrate all that you have learnt and all that you have remembered. It is time to be the phenomenal being you are. The phenomenal being who can calm the ocean with a few simply words, the phenomenal being who can stop the wind by saying “Quiet, Be still”, the phenomenal being who can become one with the storm and change its direction, the phenomenal being who can drive away the dark clouds just by being happy, the phenomenal being who can soothe the earth such that it no longer quakes. The phenomenal being who knows that the barrels of water will not turn themselves into wine. This is the time humanity has waited for. It is the time we have prepared for.
This is not the time to talk about which lives matter, when all lives matter. It is not the time to talk about race when in reality we are on human race. It is not the time to blame, to criticise, to judge or to point the finger. It is time to take responsibility our your part in creating this opportunity. It is time to take responsibility for our world.
No longer can think, speak and act from a place of fear, fear, an energy which breeds separation creating indifference to the plight of each other. Fear an energy which gives us a false sense of superiority hence making others inferior. Fear, an energy which make us right and makes all others wrong. Fear an energy which has now become the prevailing consciousness on the planet and is the source of all the destruction we are bringing upon ourselves.
The only way to stop living is fear is to begin to live in love. Love is the most powerful energy on the planet and it is through love we will save our planet and demonstrate our readiness to move into adulthood, to move into a new dimension, to move into a new earth.
Joyce | New Thought Movement UK.