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This is not for the weak hearted

This is not for the weak hearted, not for the simple minded. It is not for those who believe we are separate God. It is not for those who chose to build their fortunes, their brands and their popularity on the death of our people and the destruction of our planet. This is not for those who are sleep walking through life. It is not for those who chose to go down with the sinking ship, as long as we all go down. It is not for the many, this is for the few. This is for the few who believe in the power of the human being. It is for the few who believe in the power of words and the power of thoughts. This is for the new agers, the light workers, the warriors of light. This is for you.
When a child is young it runs to the parent at the first sign if distress and the parent makes it better. The parent makes the monsters go away, heals the hurt, soothes the pain and send the child out to play again. As the child grows into an adult, it no longer runs to the parent and if it does, the parent reminds the child of all it has learnt and says “Take care of this, I know you can. This is the opportunity you have longed for to prove you are no longer a child.”
And so, we as a race of people, a human race, find ourselves at this moment in time. We have grown up. We are awake. We are becoming aware of ourselves as more than what we thought we were.
Now is the time to accept that we are no longer children and begin to live like adults do. It is time to accept our divinity and oneness with God and demonstrate that.
It is not time to fall on our knees and pray to a man in the sky or someone or something outside of ourselves to solve the problems we have created. It is not time to run and hide, to cry or to beg God to save us from the consequences of our thoughts.

It is time for you to do it. It is time to demonstrate all that you have learnt and all that you have remembered. It is time to be the phenomenal being you are. The phenomenal being who can calm the ocean with a few simply words, the phenomenal being who can stop the wind by saying “Quiet, Be still”, the phenomenal being who can become one with the storm and change its direction, the phenomenal being who can drive away the dark clouds just by being happy, the phenomenal being who can soothe the earth such that it no longer quakes. The phenomenal being who knows that the barrels of water will not turn themselves into wine. This is the time humanity has waited for. It is the time we have prepared for.
This is not the time to talk about which lives matter, when all lives matter. It is not the time to talk about race when in reality we are on human race. It is not the time to blame, to criticise, to judge or to point the finger. It is time to take responsibility our your part in creating this opportunity. It is time to take responsibility for our world.
No longer can think, speak and act from a place of fear, fear, an energy which breeds separation creating indifference to the plight of each other. Fear an energy which gives us a false sense of superiority hence making others inferior. Fear, an energy which make us right and makes all others wrong. Fear an energy which has now become the prevailing consciousness on the planet and is the source of all the destruction we are bringing upon ourselves.
The only way to stop living is fear is to begin to live in love. Love is the most powerful energy on the planet and it is through love we will save our planet and demonstrate our readiness to move into adulthood, to move into a new dimension, to move into a new earth.
Joyce | New Thought Movement UK.



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Listen to the still small voice that says do this, but don’t do that…

I went to Dorset from Belfast for a Reiki course a couple years back. And the Reiki master sent me the details and information about booking a room in a guest house. I did not even look at it. I decided to take my car, and sleep in my car to save money. But I had the nagging sensation that I should book the room, but I ignored it. I kept thinking “its not that I don’t have the money, Its not that I am being cheap, its just that I want to use my car!”
Well did I?
I slept in the car for two nights, bought a 10£ sleeping bag some supermarket food and felt content that I had saved money.
Well had I?
A month later the bill came, I had been charged parking fees for staying over the two hour limit at a stop pit. A day later another charge came for driving 32 miles per hour, 2 miles per hour above the speed limit. Before that day I never even knew there was a 30 miles per hour was a speed limit.
I did not calculate it, but I knew that I had paid the cost of two nights and two meals in a guest house.
Again I went to London, this time I rented a car. I heard when my hostess said I may need to pay the congestion fee. I heard it but I tried no to listen. I did not want to pay it. I also saw the signs on the road but I tried to erase it from my mind.
I kept my fingers crossed when I brought back the car and I said nothing about the thought that I may have scratched it just a bit. I went home thinking I have been spared.
Well was I?
A month and a half later the bill comes for congestion fees 65£s I did not check it but I am sure congestion fees should be a few pence and reporting a scratch under the front bumper that may or may not have been my fault may have cost much less.
We are always blaming someone or something for our misfortune. If not our parent our children, if not our friends our haters, if not the blacks, the whites, if not the government, the man upstairs.
But there is no one to blame but ourselves. It is pointless to try to cheat yourself, cheat others or even the system. Time is the great equaliser. And always balances everything. It is because most of us are so asleep that it takes so long to feel the effects of our thoughts and actions. But as we waken; you hit the hammer down here and you feel the pain there almost immediately
Always listen to that still small voice that says do this but don’t do that. . Because if you do you have no one to blame but yourself.

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Don’t Try to Run Away from your Self…

New Thought For Today
Don’t try to run away from yourself…
I met this photographer about two years ago and if search my mind, I can pinpoint the exact date and time. I heard his story and I felt an instant connection. I felt that he had come into my life to help me. I took the business cards he gave me. He gave me about five. I never forgot them because they were the only business cards I had seen in plastic and that you can see through. When I called him he said, you need a video for your book. Its going to cost you XYZ and you need to do ABC. I though about it and became petrified. I had to do all this, step put of my comfort zone, do something I never did before, get people I never met to do things for me. It was frightening. So I called him and said I change my mind, I would sort this out myself. I did not communicate with him for more than a year, but I always remember his name and his story.
When I finally stopped being afraid, and knew it was now or never I went back to him to get some professional photos done for my website. I went to pick them up and I hated them. And while I was busy convincing myself I was not afraid, I cancelled the photos and told him to delete them. I did not even care about the 62£s I had already paid. I would do this myself.
Then he sent me a text. It went like this:
“So you’re running away once again. You wanted to look like someone else and that’s what we did. You wanted us to make you look rich and pretty…”
And then I became petrified of being afraid. Of repeating the patterns that had kept me back all my life. So in desperation I called and rescheduled my shot. I said
“I do not want to look like anyone else, not even the celebrity photo I showed you. I just want to be me. I am beautiful and I am rich so you don’t have to make me look any other way”
You see if God, the creator wanted the Beyoncé experience he would go to Beyoncé. He came to you because he wanted your experience. Any type of Beyoncé you can be will be a fake, a copy an imitation. But you are the original the authentic and the new experience.
Most of us stop being ourselves, we stop being who are and who we can be and doing what we came to do because we are so afraid. Fear stops us in our tracks. But when we get out of fear we see the utter magnificence of who we really are and who we can be.
So after the photo shot we did the video I tried to run away from two years ago…
Don’t try to run away from yourself for it will chase you to hell and back. publication2

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Yesterday I was angry with God…

I thought why must it be so hard? Is it because I am black or because I am a woman?
And I know that this is no so. Because God does not reward nor punish people, neither with good nor with bad. Neither does God punish our enemies on our behalf.
We attract to us all that we experience.
And some may say well you can say that because you always seem to have something to be grateful for in your #Gratitude Journal. And I would tell them:
I remember the day I spent 8 hours in meditation deciding whether I wanted to be a #successfulfailure“. whether I wanted to call up on all my “bad” experiences, my childhood and make it #mylifestory. I did not! Because I would be living a lie.
When they told me as a child I use to wash a basins of clothes by myself and was abuse, I did not remember that. I remember washing a basin of clothes by myself and listening to the release of #NelsonMandela on my Walkman and tears of joy streaming down my face. That’s what I remember and I would not give that experience up for a million dollars. (well maybe 1M. lol)
When they told me that I use to eat half a chicken wing as my dinner and that was unfair, I did not remember. What I remember was skipping, not walking or running up the road to buy 1 pound of chicken-backs and having just enough to buy a chocolate bonbon biscuit which I enjoyed to the fullest. Then skipping back home singing and picking every leave in the back yard and green bananas and breadfruit and limes from the garden to make the most awesome meals. I would not give up the fact that I have learnt to cook like any master chef for a million dollars ( well maybe for 1M. lol)


When I did not see or speak to my mother for seven years and I could not even call her mommy on her return, I was suppose to be sad, to be damaged to never forgive or forget. But all I remember was me having imaginary concerts in the backyard by myself, singing and dancing with the trees to vintage Soca and conscious reggae. I would not give up the blessing of having an open mind not hampered by parental influence for a million dollars. ( well maybe if was in cash. lol)
When I did not grow up with my father, I was suppose to be damaged. I should have had daddy issues. but I did not. I could not claim that and not be living a lie. Because even though I have seen my father for a handful of days in my life and spoken to him even less I learnt from him one of the greatest lessons of my life. I learnt that I had to take care of myself and not to depend on another to do it. (that in itself is a million dollar lesson)
When my friend Andrea Marcellin and I use feed all the members of our church on Sunday and stay without food because there was not enough, I should have felt hungry and depress and poor. But I did not. I remembered the joy of peeping to see everyone clean off their plate and chatting and laughing until evening service. (Would I give that up for one million? maybe if it was a bank transfer)
I should have developed a complex when they told me that I was neglected. When they said your mother should have taken you to the dentist. but I did not feel that way. even thought I never smile through school, it never stop me finding love I have been blessed to have been in love and to have been loved. So I cannot give up my experiences and claim to have a sad story. Because I do not.

Even thought they say sad story sells. I have been happy. With the little I had I have been happy, Many people get rich in the hope of gaining happiness and realise that money cannot buy happiness. So when you have, be carful how much you accept for your happiness.

We have come to live to gain experiences, to live and to be happy, if you have that you are already half way there. Rise above your sad stories, leave them behind, do yourself a favour and be happy. it is the best gift you can give yourself and the best offering you can bring to your God.