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Listen to the still small voice that says do this, but don’t do that…

I went to Dorset from Belfast for a Reiki course a couple years back. And the Reiki master sent me the details and information about booking a room in a guest house. I did not even look at it. I decided to take my car, and sleep in my car to save money. But I had the nagging sensation that I should book the room, but I ignored it. I kept thinking “its not that I don’t have the money, Its not that I am being cheap, its just that I want to use my car!”
Well did I?
I slept in the car for two nights, bought a 10£ sleeping bag some supermarket food and felt content that I had saved money.
Well had I?
A month later the bill came, I had been charged parking fees for staying over the two hour limit at a stop pit. A day later another charge came for driving 32 miles per hour, 2 miles per hour above the speed limit. Before that day I never even knew there was a 30 miles per hour was a speed limit.
I did not calculate it, but I knew that I had paid the cost of two nights and two meals in a guest house.
Again I went to London, this time I rented a car. I heard when my hostess said I may need to pay the congestion fee. I heard it but I tried no to listen. I did not want to pay it. I also saw the signs on the road but I tried to erase it from my mind.
I kept my fingers crossed when I brought back the car and I said nothing about the thought that I may have scratched it just a bit. I went home thinking I have been spared.
Well was I?
A month and a half later the bill comes for congestion fees 65£s I did not check it but I am sure congestion fees should be a few pence and reporting a scratch under the front bumper that may or may not have been my fault may have cost much less.
We are always blaming someone or something for our misfortune. If not our parent our children, if not our friends our haters, if not the blacks, the whites, if not the government, the man upstairs.
But there is no one to blame but ourselves. It is pointless to try to cheat yourself, cheat others or even the system. Time is the great equaliser. And always balances everything. It is because most of us are so asleep that it takes so long to feel the effects of our thoughts and actions. But as we waken; you hit the hammer down here and you feel the pain there almost immediately
Always listen to that still small voice that says do this but don’t do that. . Because if you do you have no one to blame but yourself.